The Indian Fitness Industry is conservative and that is why they follow more of trends than fads- Prameet Kotak

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Dec 14 2017 - 4 min read
The Indian Fitness Industry is conservative and that is why they follow more of trends than fads- Prameet Kotak
The future of the Indian industry looks bright as consumers believe in following trends and not fads.

There’s so much going on in the fitness industry. With new trends coming in and the fate of the ongoing ones being decided by customers now and then, the industry is full of life. As the year-end is approaching, one cannot think about anything else but how fit they want to be the next year. Customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to trends and techniques as the fitness industry is a growing market. In a conversation with Wellness India, Prameet Kotak, Holistic Wellness Expert, tells us about his views on the fitness industry, his definition of holistic wellness and many more.

Kindly give a brief about your brand, RAPTFX
RAPTfx i.e."Remedial Approach Personal Training Effects"-Enhancing Performance through Fitness, is a new kind of Personal Training system, developed in Australia in consultations with Physiotherapists, Surgeons, Pilate's instructors and other professionals from the health and fitness industry. It is adapted to suit the new fitness conscious India. RAPTfx looks for solutions for a problem/issue incorporating all components of fitness, body, mind and soul. It’s more than 'being well', it’s about enhancing performance in work and play, to get 100% out of you, and so you may enjoy life to its fullest. Starting from a Postural Analysis, to an individualized program based on balancing your body, RAPTfx systems guide you towards your goals. From RAPT service to RAPT results, to RAPT care, RAPTfx offers it all. Flexible to suit your timings and lifestyle issues, personal training has never been so convenient. RAPTfx systems are based on Australian Standards and were developed with the expertise of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Yoga and Pilate’s instructors. RAPTfx systems are holistic and incorporate Indian traditional knowledge.

What are your views regarding the Indian Fitness Industry?
RAPTfx was developed with an idea of enhancing performance, using holistic modalities like Yoga, Pilates, Chiropractic work, Muscle function, Physiotherapy principles and Functional Movement patterns to assist people in enhancing their performance in work and play, It was done with a view of the gap in the international fitness training protocols, The Indian Fitness industry is, in my opinion, a conservative Industry, which is a plus because they tend to avoid the fads and follow the trends, but on the down side they are a bit slow to take on new and improved methods of training. For example, bodybuilding is still the main form of training protocol used by the industry, and women are given pretty much the same workout as men. RAPTfx Fitness caters to women and their specific needs.

What are the latest trends in the fitness world that is a huge rage among people?
There are trends and there are fads, the fitness industry internationally is faddier and less trendy, India is a conservative industry and they usually take up more trends and fewer fads, which in a way is a good thing, but that attitude also tends to keep the industry still isolated to bodybuilding

What is your definition of Holistic Wellness?
Well, you can look at holistic with a W, so 'W'holistic fitness, which would mean incorporating the whole human being, the body, mind and spirit, in essence, Holistic Wellness should incorporate emotional, psycho-spiritual along with physical, mental and spiritual.

Yoga, being loved so much around the world, how has it evolved over time?
Yoga today is one of the greatest modalities and will continue to grow as the demand for realistic mind and spirit needs are met. Going hard or going home was a massive trend sometime back, but that is evolving as more and more people want a mix of hard and soft, this is where RAPTfx Fitness Systems are so beneficial, as it incorporates a truly ‘W’holistic approach.

What do you think about the various versions of yoga that are trending?
I think it’s good that there is a big variety, so one can continue to try new yoga fads and that way the personality types that get bored easily can have access to numerable styles. But yes I am a bit wary about the new lot of teachers coming out of yoga school with a three month or specific hour certification. And it seems like there is a new style around the corner with each style creator getting some form of Kundalini awakening!

Any expansion plans for your brand to look forward to?
Yes absolutely, my vision is to enhance personal training standards in India and empower Personal trainers to match International Standards thereby giving them an opportunity to improve their revenue. Our plans are to expand our 44-hour certification program into Tier 2, 3 cities and allow those trainers to come to Mumbai for their Placements and take back the knowledge and skill set to their towns.  

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