The In and Out of Wellness Industry for 2018

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Nov 17 2017 - 6 min read
The In and Out of Wellness Industry for 2018
Making a list of what’s buzzing in the wellness industry is going to be helpful in the coming year for brands as well as consumers.

Like it is always seen, there are some trends that enter the wellness market and rule it like a boss for a whole year and then there are some who have a time-bound charm to them. The wellness industry has no boundaries to it. It keeps on evolving and expanding and this leads the brands in it to explore to the max. Some trends have the potential for them to get carried for many more years with the new trends.  As we are coming closer to the end of the year 2017, it’s time to make a list of what’s hot and what’s not of the wellness industry for the year 2018. 

What’s Entering 2018?

Anti Inflammatory and Gut Healthy
The trend that had taken over everyone and still continues to is anti-inflammatory foods. Consumers have been insatiable when it comes to food products in this category. The trend that is going to be a big hit in 2018 is a step ahead in anti-inflammatory foods. Healing spices are going to be loved everywhere due to their properties of being anti-inflammatory and so much beneficial to the human bodies. For the start, turmeric lattes are being hailed all over the world and so much beneficial to the human bodies. For the start turmeric lattes are being hailed all over the world. One cannot blame them for anything bad after getting to know all the good they are going to do to the body and the taste being the best.

Created according to Needs- Subscription Boxes
It all feels like a mess not having things near when they are needed the most. Subscription boxes are the new specially crafted surprises that not only look lovely but also make one feel special. The boxes are made according to the various wellness and health needs of a person. Subscription boxes for menstruation are the most popular ones at the moment. They not only appear attractive but also help ditch the whole process of running to various stores just to collect the stuff you need. The trend for subscription boxes is yet to expand and 2018 seems to be the perfect year for the same.

The Evolving Athleisure
Athleisure has been a trend that has been loved because of the quotient of stylish and comfortable fit in one. Everyone wants to look good while at ease with the choices they make in clothes. Athleisure brought a new revolution in the way stylish clothes were worn and felt. This, still being the starting, the next level in the era is workleisure. The term is inspired by clothes that make a formal wear with being super comfortable and giving enough space to be athletic.

Guilt-Free Gulping- Functional Drinks
Functional foods have been buzzing in 2017. Consumers have been loving quality food that benefits them heaps and does not lead them to count on the calories. Enjoying a healthy drink only to realise later that it was full of calories is every health conscious person’s nightmare. Functional drinks are here to save the day. Vitamin drinks and iced teas with zero calories are in and are going to top the charts of being liked by consumers in 2018.

What’s Exiting with 2017?

Healthy but Super Expensive Foods
Who likes to spend their month’s salary to eat healthy? Well, no one. Foods and products that are super expensive in the name of being ‘healthy’ are on their way out. Eating and living healthy shouldn’t be a luxury and should be pocket-friendly as well. With many brands stepping in to provide pocket efficient foods and products, looks like it’s the end of the road for the moolah hungry ‘healthy’ foods and products.

Taking a Backseat- Fitness Apps
We all have had a lot of technology-driven fitness apps. Though their advantages are many, the one disadvantage that is leading them out of the door is no personal connectivity. Apps those are solely available at the mercy of technology and with no real contact are getting thumbs down over apps that have both the factors added to their base.

Expert Speak
A trillion Dollar industry is awaiting your arrival; this is the wellness industry as of today! Gone are the days where a one-hour gym session, the fanciest equipment, an average trainer and an image of a photoshopped body was enough to get a client through the door! The marketplace is looking for a deeper and more valuable fitness solution, incorporating both Rejuvenation and Relaxation Experiences. If you look around, food places with Vegan, Organic and Healthier options are sprouting all over the place. The marketplace is beginning to understand the importance of Eating Well, Moving Well and Sleeping Well. Global trends like Gluten Free, Wheat Free, which already exist in the Indian market, are being introduced in modern flavour, i.e. Fermented foods like Idli and Dosa are being sold as ‘Wheat Free Pancakes’ and so on. Enter the wellness experience, following a more Hospitality template with a Menu of options, from Functional Fitness, Functional Movement (RAPTfx Systems), Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Anti-Aging, Cryotherapy, Detox and Yoga Retreats, says Prameet Kotak, Holistic Wellness Expert.

Today we see an increasing trend for a healthier and fitter lifestyle leading to a drastic change in the eating habits of individuals. This particular phenomenon has given a sharp rise in the demand for consumption of residue-free vegetables and fruits. Since the new age parents are quite health conscious, the practice of consuming safer and chemical free foods is likely to be adopted by the future generations.  This would eventually contribute to the larger wellness industry in India which currently is forecasted by FICCI and EY to grow by 12% and reach a record high of 1.3 trillion dollars by the fiscal year 2020. Naturally, this is a lucrative time to invest in the very promising wellness and fitness industry and that is what will attract investment and growth for this sector in India, says Nilesh Palresha, Executive Director, VTP Group.

As we pace towards a new year, it’s all about the new opportunities that await all of us. The wellness industry is expanding all its horizons every year and a new year brings in a lot of the brands and the market. These trends are about to set the ball rolling and it is best for the consumers, brands and the market to be updated with the times.

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