The Growing Craze for Surgeries for that Perfect Beard

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
The Growing Craze for Surgeries for that Perfect Beard
Men are no longer leaving any stone unturned in order to achieve the look they desire.

Women have been always thought of as the only ones who take grooming seriously. Looking good and maintaining it was thought to be as a ‘woman need ‘but times have considerably changed. Men have also started to invest their time and money in grooming themselves and be presentable every time. Gone are the days when long beards and moustaches were thought of as uncultured and the clean shaven look was in. Men’s grooming segment seems to have a bright future as options to sport an attractive beard are rising up.

The Men’s Grooming Market
The men’s grooming market has started gaining steam and that is because men do have started to look after themselves. Markets are sporting products for men grooming and the consumers are eagerly buying the products. One of the reasons for this is the latest trends going in the market. The traditional man paid less attention to his looks and grooming was something he thought rarely of but with the change in the scenario has brought a revolution in the men’s grooming market. According to recent findings, the latest trend of growing and styling beard and moustache has, of late, inspired several young adults visiting them for that ‘perfect patch’ of facial hair — involving medications, and even surgical techniques.

The Rising Trends
Men are more conscious of their beards and the love for them is endless. The growing trend of getting a more sharpened beard has led the men to opt for cosmetic surgeries and laser treatment. The trend of achieving sharpened beards is done through laser treatments and men have started booking their appointments for the same. 80% of the young Indian men wish to sport a sharpened beard and the trend is growing like wildfire. Male grooming has been associated with beard grooming as well and the need to get the perfect beard has attracted a lot of men who dream of having one.

Expert Speak
Earlier the whole looking good idea and of going to the salon was thought of as being feminine and not a masculine thing to do. Today, men are accepting this. In Fashion also, there is this similar trend happening, says Mr Mridumesh Rai, Brand Director- Park Avenue, Raymond Apparel Ltd.

One of the reasons for this is that the women segment has been exposed to the trends, Internet, movies etc and this has been shaping a lot of things for the market. Looking good has become hot and that is why the growth of the salon industry is also happening. International media is also influencing the market a lot these days and inspirations are being taken from there. Celebrities are followed and their latest fashion and beauty trends are getting all the attention. Though the men segment has just started growing, the women are all influenced and motivated. Looking good has become the new wave and the spa and salon industry is growing because of this and will continue to grow, says Nitin Kalwani, Managing Director, Juice Salon.

Dr Hema Pant, Head Medical Advisor, Kaya Skin Clinic, New Delhi says, "In our skin clinic, I have seen a change, especially in past five years as the number of male clients has gone up 30-35 percent and young guys opting for laser hair reductions and skin brightening have increased. Earlier it was just for acne or acne scar treatments in the male category".

Grooming was not a man’s topic but with the wave of change in the beauty industry, the evolving interest can be noticed among men. Trends come and go but the trend to sport a shaped and sharpened beard looks like it is meant to stay for a long time. Men have started queuing up outside dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons clinics and are opting for laser surgeries as well. The men’s grooming market is all up and kicking as trends are flowing in. The industry is expanding as men now want sharpened beards with the craze for the clean shaven look have become a thing of the past. 

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