The Coding Bootcamp Industry in India

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Mar 05 2021 - 3 min read
The Coding Bootcamp Industry in India
According to a recent report, India creates the most students with coding abilities very nearly 10 times the number of as the US. Read on to know more...

Gone are the days when the traditional educational institutions bound us to venture out of the periphery of our comfort before we pass out our intermediate. Today is the period of breaking all the obstructions that oppose us to obtain the knowledge we wish to have regardless of age. Today, an idea like 'Coding Bootcamp' is no longer an alien term for Indian teens, on account of the brands that have noticed the tendency of students towards programming abilities and coding. 

An escalated full-time programming school intended to prepare students who wish to turn into a coder, Coding Bootcamps are quickly checking all the consideration and are captivating young students. The Coding Bootcamp Market was valued at USD 399.91Million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 889.37 Million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.70% from 2019 to 2026. The coding school industry is poised to earn revenue of about $59 million across India. 

According to a recent report, India creates the most students with coding abilities very nearly 10 times the number of as the US. By taking a glance at this data, it is effectively perceived that India could be a viable destination for skilled programmers and coders to get going with their business ventures. 

Market Potential of the Coding Bootcamp Industry in a Nutshell

As referenced above, India creates the most school pupils with coding skills; the capability of this recently arisen industry will be very brilliant. Talking about the construction of these schools, it is seen that the majority of these programming crash-courses run online, and a ton of Indians pursue them. These bootcamps run effectively in light of the structured curriculum that attempts to duplicate the in-class experience. Another significant explanation behind the accomplishment of online bootcamps is that there is no topographical constraint for students. 

Many coding bootcamps operate in a brick-and-mortar structure, which is something like a typical school. Logicscool, one of the biggest coding school brands for kids and teens, is a big exemplar of how schools like this could even do better in India. it can not be avoided that the world is getting digital and robust in artificial intelligence. We also can’t avoid the fact that children are spending more and more time on computers. They should be creative on computers - that’s what we teach them. This way they will become prepared for the digital future no matter what it’s going to be. There are so many new job opportunities that came in the last 10 years which did not exist before. We assure that this kind of knowledge and skills which they get here will be useful for them whatever their professions are going to be.


The facts stated above clearly reveals that India is poised to become a hub for the coding bootcamp industry. A country that has largely been focusing on the traditional education system is now becoming one of the biggest contributors to the growth of such a distinct skill, which should be a huge achievement for the industry itself. For those who wish to enter this industry, it should now be clear that it is a vibrant field with a bright future in the times ahead.

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