The Changing Trend and Market Potential of Dental Braces in India

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Nov 04 2019 - 3 min read
The Changing Trend and Market Potential of Dental Braces in India
In the world of technology and gadgets, people demand comparison and logic for every product they wish to choose. Dental braces are no exception in this regard.

Dental appliances have been used for a long time to correct teeth spacing and positioning issues. Crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, overbite, underbite are some of the major defects that are treated with dental braces. These problems not only make the smile of an individual unpleasing but are also the reasons for several oral problems as pyorrhoea, pain in gums and cheek, etc. Gone are the days when people considered braces only for aesthetic purpose. Now people are more aware and conscious of their health. Changing lifestyles, changing perceptions, growing economy, globalisation and other such factors have eventually made people realized that braces are an option for better and much improved oral health. India has the biggest youth population all over the world.

Today’s youth is more cognizant, independent, and sentient and knows how to take care of their needs in the rapidly evolving world around. They want to look and feel good, impressive and more positive about themselves and others. Here is where braces come in the picture. Dental braces not only improve your smile but also make you more confident about yourself. Braces help you maintain best oral health thereby adding to a healthy lifestyle. Dental braces can be either metal braces, porcelain braces or they can be Aligners. All the braces aim to correct teeth issue that affects the smile and overall health of an individual.

Traditional braces used metal wires to be stretched onto teeth in order to reposition them. They are, however conspicuous and troublesome. Traditional metal braces are a nightmare to clean and hence, end up creating hygiene problems. These braces are fixed, they cannot be removed and uses metal hooks to be tightened. Hence, they require constant dental follow-ups adding up to the overall treatment cost. The metal wires and hooks cause constant irritation to inside gums and cheeks and thus may lead to soreness in the mouth.

On the other hand, clear aligners are modern braces using the latest technology to solve orthodontic problems. These are transparent plastic trays that are completely removable and transparent. Hence these are most preferred by all age groups as they are convenient, non-visible and do not require an expert’s assistance to take them on and off. Also, these do not impose any restrictions on eating habits, unlike traditional braces with which you cannot enjoy hard, chewy, sugary food. Clear aligners are most preferred by youth as it helps them follow their normal lifestyle and as these aligners are easy to use. These aligners use outie and chewie tools to easily take them on and off along with assuring best oral care.

The Indian consumer is much more knowledgeable and smarter today. In the world of technology and gadgets, where any kind of product is available at the doorstep, people demand comparison and logic for every product they wish to choose. Dental braces are no exception in this regard. People now know what is best to them and hence Aligners is growing at an immense rate in terms of popularity and serviceability.  Aligners offer the ease of handling and maintenance, along with other added benefits of proven results and efficiency. Coupled with aesthetic purposes, aligners are used by people as they require healthy oral care as well. Establishment of oral standards has now imposed strict guidelines and processes to manufacturers of dental appliances. This has benefitted the end consumer as he is now sure of all processes, equipment and materials used in this treatment whether it is traditional braces or it is Aligners. India is already sourcing orthodontic appliances to neighbouring countries and has paved its mark in manufacturing such appliances. Hence, dental braces offer an immense opportunity in the Indian market where people are continually demanding sophisticated items in the present times.


This article is written by Dr Swapnil Gupta, Founder of ODS Clear Aligners

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