The Big and Happening Industry of Beauty from Mother Earth

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
The Big and Happening Industry of Beauty from Mother Earth
Organic beauty products have made their place in the beauty industry. Consumers are choosing them more over chemical based products as the risk of damaging the skin is more with the latter ones.

The beauty industry has grown a lot since its beginning. With latest trends, technologies, equipment and techniques making their way in the industry, organic products have secured a place in the beauty routines of many consumers. The organic beauty market is flooded with products which are produced out of the magical elements of mother earth and this is surely driving the industry crazy.

The ‘Organic’ Market
The organic beauty products market is expanding and all the credits goes to the high demand for the products. According to a market analysis report released by Persistence Market Research, the global organic beauty products market is expected to be under $22 Billion by 2024. It is being suggested that there will be an approximate 8-10% growth per year. The market analysts expect the organic beauty products market to double up in the next 8 years.

The Reasons
The reason for the exponential growth in the organic beauty section is due to the expansion of distribution channels, increasing online customer reach and premium personal care products being made available on the shelves by the modern retailers. Consumers are shifting towards green and organic products than just using chemical based products which harm the skin and reduce its natural beauty in many ways. The awareness among the consumers about using natural based and organic products is another reason which has given a boost to the organic products market. The market is being looked up to register a CAGR of over 13% in the period 2016- 2021.

The Segmentation
The Indian beauty industry is very large and holds enormous scope for the times to come. The market is divided into two parts – on the basis of type and geography. The segmentation has led to the division of the revenue flowing into the market. The organic beauty products industry is wide and has various products in the type section. On the basis of geographies, North America accounts for the highest market revenue which is being expected to be 34% by 2020.

The Distribution Channels
The global organic beauty market is further branched out on the basis of distribution channels which are supermarkets, speciality retailers, drug stores, online and direct sales. The supermarkets are a major source of higher sales of organic beauty products as they account for 28.4% share of the global market. Online retailers are the second most popular medium to attain organic beauty products as they easily reach consumers help in product penetration and expand consumer base.

Key Vendors in the Market
The global organic beauty industry has many brands which boast of a wide range of products, all made out of nature’s resources. Some of the global brands in the market are Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Beiersdorf, Yves Rocher, Colomer, Colorganics etc. The names making it big in the Indian organic beauty industry are Juicy Chemistry, Seasoul, Ancient Ayurveda, Organic Mill, SoulTree, Patanjali and many others.

Expert Speak
If we look back 30-40 years, when our parents were our age or even when our grandparents were our age, there were no widespread of such diseases like cancer, eczema and other skin diseases. Products were organic in those times and food consumed was also of good quality. Food adulteration and use of so many chemicals have worsened the situation and this why ‘organic’ has become a buzz word, says Ms Manisha Chopra, Managing Director, Seasoul Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Beauty is desired by all but it often raises the question of at what cost? Consumers have been using the chemical based products since a long time and this, without any doubt, has harmed the natural glow and beauty a person holds. Organic has been taken up by all the industries and so the beauty industry is also not behind. The use of organic beauty products has provided the consumers with a reliable source of attaining beauty which will not harm the skin. The market for the organic beauty products is growing due to the likeness of consumers for it. Nature has provided with something unique to each one of us and it is our duty to preserve it. Organic products market seems to have a bright scope ahead as the demand for it does not seems to cease down any sooner.

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