Technological support for Pedagogical change

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 2 min read
Technological support for Pedagogical change
Effective learning in any environment requires good design, management and pedagogy- Shashank Mehta

Learning is dependent on the pedagogical approaches teachers use in the classroom. A variety of pedagogical approaches are common in schools, but some strategies are more effective and appropriate than others. The effectiveness of pedagogy often depends on the particular subject matter to be taught, on understanding the diverse needs of different learners, and on adapting to the on-the-ground conditions in the classroom and the surrounding context.

In general, the best teachers believe in the capacity of their students to learn, and carefully utilize a range of pedagogical approaches to ensure this learning occurs.

In an Interview with the Activity Chairperson- Education, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Mr. Shashank Mehta spoke about the scenario where Technology today, is supporting Pedagogical change.

Talking about Technology Education, what is that one thing you would like to add when you talk about pedagogy?

What is interesting to see, the economy is moving at a very fast rate from Industrial economy to Knowledge Economy to finally Innovation Economy where new challenges are taken up every day. Going by the context, there are3 major criteria namely, Environment, Ethics and Empathy which are the criteria’s for success in the future economy. In that context, understanding the users and the design plays a very critical role. Education has to move to that part. When we are talking about Knowledge economy and developing ideas, there is a need of developing Pedagogy which leads to developing originality and ideas are encouraged. Going by this context, I think, in India, the most critical part is that there is very limited discussions on research on pedagogical approaches.

We need to talk about pedagogical approaches bringing in new subjects and inputs. We should also talk about Trans Disciplinary Approach because it’s not just one discipline which will help us develop new ideas. Today is the time when two people from completely different background come together and develop any new idea for the sector.

It is important is to create a platform to create pedagogy for people from different background to come together and explore.

Any challenges you want to talk about in this sphere?

We have to be open up about the Pedagogical approach to bring in individual identity, to develop that individual identity for possible explorations. We also need to look for the pedagogical approach require to provide the flexibility to the students so that they can use that technology for the benefits of the society and for the masses. 

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