Taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle
The Salon and Wellness Congress 2017 had speakers embracing the topic of merging fitness with technology and moving in the direction of a good life.

Fitness holds an important place in our lives but thanks to our super busy schedules, we are not able to give it the attention it really needs to have. Various companies and brands have come up with the idea of joining technology with fitness. This trend is proving to be very efficient and helpful since it has made lives easier and has also provided a hold on our wavering lifestyles.

Technology- Boon and Bane
Technology has helped the human race achieve and accomplish tasks which would not have been possible without it. It has opened many new doors to opportunities and has also helped businesses to rise and prosper.

At the Salon and Wellness Congress 2017, Mr Rohan Vyavaharkar, Deputy Managing Director, Stepathlon Lifestyle Ltd. gave his insights on technology and fitness. He said that Every time a family acquires a gadget they put on 8 Kgs of weight. A lot of this is happening because if a faulty lifestyle.

Technology has definitely made our lives easier but it has also added to the woes of people. It has shortened the time people used to give themselves and their families and has reduced the time of any physical exercises that involved in their schedule. Faulty lifestyle has become a major affecting force because of over indulgence of people with technology.

Varying Ideas of Fitness
People have various motives for achieving fitness. It is no longer a need but has become a want. Different groups of ages see it differently. Fitness has become criteria to meet for special reasons or to be acceptable in society and has somewhat lost its true meaning.

According to Mr Vyavaharka, people are inactive and lot able to achieve fitness because there is a lack of awareness. Most people between the age of 25-35 are moving because they want to look good while the people above the age of 36 are doing it for their health further.

The varying ideas of fitness have changed the way people look at it and take it up in their lives. Fitness not only involves doing it for the sake of looking good and desirable but also with the purpose of wellness.

Workplace Wellness- The Need of the Hour
Deteriorating health, increasing risk of lifestyle diseases and alarming statistics on mental illness at the workplace have become the top concerns for the companies. Health and wellness of employees have become a priority for the organisations since it promises the company’s performance.

As said by Mr Vyavaharkar at the show, as an employer one would want to reflect on the lifestyles of the employees. As the lifestyles become more sedentary, they become more unfit which leads to absenteeism. The productivity reduces which affects the company in more than one way and that is where the concept of workplace wellness steps in.

Wellness is the basic need of our body. One cannot maintain peace and balance within the body without attaining the rhythm our body demands. Fitness helps us to achieve more and in the times of stress, it is much needed to establish the equilibrium demanded by the body to perform well. With technology contributing so much to the wellness and fitness sector, it has become convenient for us to keep a tab of our health.

Technology and fitness are a very good combination to give a boost to the health and wellness of an individual. If the resources are utilised well, one can achieve the goal set and utilise the energy for other activities. 

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