Steering Success through Franchisees

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Apr 19 2018 - 4 min read
Steering Success through Franchisees
A Successful Franchise System Calls For Profitable Franchisees. Franchisees Success Is Franchisor’S Responsibility. Franchiser Need To Take Each And Every Effort To Make His Franchisees Profitable.

The success of any franchise system can be estimated from the success of its franchisees.  A franchisee's success depends on its walk-ins and high selling power. The performance of each and every store ultimately adds to the nationwide expansion of the brand. However, a failure or a shutdown of even a single franchisee can have an adverse impact on the reputation of the entire brand. Hence it is of utmost importance that the franchisor and his franchise team works on improving the profitability of all franchise units.

Develop cordial relations

Developing personal relationships is the simplest, most inexpensive and most effective way for a successful franchise network. It is not only important that the franchisor has good relations with franchisees but it is equally essential for franchisees to share a personal relation with his customers. However, besides having good relations there are few other guidelines for developing a successful franchise network.

Dealing with franchisees

A franchisor needs to understand that the franchisees are the backbone of his entire franchise network. Even a single franchisee breaking up can lead to the downfall of the whole network. Therefore franchisors should develop strategies to maintain as well as hook new franchisees to his network. Few of the various ways are as mentioned below:

Enhance technological systems

Being the jet age new technological developments are coming up regularly. Franchisors that adopt these and add them to their franchise units would be comparatively more successful as well as more respected by franchisees than franchisors who stick to old ways only. Latest technological inventions are developed to boost sales of the franchisees, therefore this need to be implemented immediately.

Develop social media programs

Franchisors should develop social media programs for the benefit of their franchisees. Maximum potential clients and customers get information about the brand and its services through social networking. So franchisors should provide knowledge about social networking to his franchisees for maximum benefits.

Traditional advertising and marketing techniques

Old is gold. This is yet again proved by the traditional ways of advertising, which are still very effective. Thus franchisors should also market their franchisees’ outlets via the old yet effective advertising ways.

Make strong PR: Having a strong PR is important for the success of a franchise brand. Franchisors should understand this and educate franchisees to make good PR contacts for gaining maximum benefits.

Have monthly webinars

Franchisors ought to discuss local store marketing practices on monthly webinars. It is important to have company-wide webinars to update the franchise system on what's going on in each department. Through web seminars, all franchisees can also have the spotlight for 5 to 10 minutes to share successful marketing ideas and stories. There is more credibility when the whole team shares with each other.

Treating customers

For reaching out to nationwide customers, franchisors can help franchisees by educating them to develop personal relations with them. Here are few methods for staying in contact with customers:

Email marketing

Mostly all companies send email blasts to their partners as well as potential partners but brands should keep in contact with their loyal customers via Email marketing. A wide database aids in communicating the news and other deals to nationwide customers as well.

Interaction via social websites

Efficient franchisors should be aware of the benefits of social media and should use the social media channels to communicate with their clients and fans and find out what they are thinking, as well as to engage in conversations with them.

Open to complaints

It should be a weekly activity that the franchisor sits with his team to discuss the weekly complaints that have come from franchisees as well as clients/ customers. Moreover, the franchisor should make sure to follow up with the customers within limited times.

To wrap up it can be said, that franchisors, franchisees, and customers together construct a successful franchise system. However, franchisor being the owner of the brand has to try the hardest to make his brand a success.

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