Start a successful daycare and preschool business today

Uttara.J. Malhotra
Uttara.J. Malhotra Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Start a successful daycare and preschool business today
Apart from a robust infrastructure, it is important to raise allowances for a sizable investment in qualified teachers and caretakers.

Today, preschool and daycare facilities have become a ‘necessary evil’ for toddlers and young parents alike. The Preschool market too, has risen dramatically in India. However organised penetration is minimal. Brands like Eurokids, Kangaroo Kids, Shemrock, Safari Kids International Playschool, Klay Prep schools and daycare, and many more are filling in the parenting and childcare gap for an increasing number of double income working young parents that are now in a nuclear setup. In addition, there is a huge gestation period between setting-up and return on investment in the preschool and daycare business. Maybe this is the reason for a mere one percent current rate of enrolled of children in Indian preschools, as compared to a 100 percent penetration in France and Scotland. But if you are backed with good investments, this is an ideal business model for India’s new aspiring edupreneur.

In reality, today, only 17 percent is actually an organised preschool market in India. Undeniably, there is therefore a huge untapped potential for a long term business model in this upcoming and emerging area of educational needs.

Young one’s choice
The preschooler ideally comprises kids from the age group of two to six years. At the moment, working parents in nuclear set-ups are gunning for preschool facilities, as safe havens for their little ones. So, some schools also cater to day care facilities for toddlers. If you are planning to invest in this kind of a business model, start with identifying the place where you wish to establish your facility, keeping in mind your target audience. You need to ensure that the place you zero in will attract a comparatively good number of enrollments, in order you achieve your break even in your initial investments, in say, five years time if not more.

Facility and Infrastructure
The facility should be child friendly in every way. Get help from an architect that specialize in designing child-friendly schools or establishments. Many stand alone entrepreneurs are now take up dedicated small projects and give a great job. The Facebook groups are an excellent way to look out for such promising and young talent to build you facility. A good and healthy infrastructure should be equipped with classrooms that are well-aired with windows that do not leak in rains, have an element in insulation in winters and create a roomy feeling for children. Get your transitional spaces designed carefully without the use of any element that may pose danger to a child. Supervisable circulation spaces (such as hallways and corridors) should also be at child level. Best is to avoid a setup which encourages use of stairs.

Use of Pedagogy
It is good idea to tie-up with a well-know and trusted brand. This helps you to get access to an authentic tried and test pedagogy. A lot of parents are very keen and serious to know what kind of learning methodology their child is going to be exposed to. A brand association also brings with it expert advice and a support system, which you might need, if you do not have a lot of experience in running a school or day care. Ensure you make space for Information Communication Technology (ICT) as well. In today’s competitive cut throat world, parents expect their little one to be well versed with IT and would expect a playschool and daycare facility to ‘promote latest technology tools for learning, keep best security practices through ICT, creating virtuous circle based around ICT and innovative teaching, use ICT to link home and school effectively and positive associations with computers are considered to rank the preschools,’ shares experts in preschool education.

Caretakers and teachers
Be prepared to invest in good quality manpower. The success of this particular business model is solely dependent on tangible deliverables that are catered to through a team of qualified, certified and experienced caretakers and teachers. Scout for the best and be prepared to pay them. If you don’t have rich coffers, make arrangements for regular training and skill enhancement sessions. This is one reason of development that the Indian education system is lagging in and can really be enhanced if the preschool industry is willing to make investments in their teacher training.

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