Sprawling biz with home comforts

Abha Garyali
Abha Garyali Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
Sprawling biz with home comforts
Offering convenient business opportunities at the comfort of your home with flexible working hours very well define home based business. Read on to know the emerging home based business opportunities and its advantages.

Everyone dreams to run a sprawling business from the comfort of home. Hardly anyone would like to miss the opportunity of becoming a rich and successful entrepreneur while sitting at home. Franchising has playing a significant role in turning this entrepreneurial dream into reality. Till a few years back running a business from home and generating large profits from it was considered next to impossible. Entrepreneurs used to run business from home but it was just with no big aims but to be mediocre in business world. Moreover it was more or less specified for women to run a home-based business for adding to the family income. However with franchise brands gearing up in this category the impossible dream to run a successful business from the comfort of home can be seen turning into reality.

Why home based businesses?

Home which is always considered to be comfort zones can be turned into a business venue in case of home based businesses. The home based businesses offer numerous advantages. Few of them are flexible hours for working, low overhead due to lack of rentals, no travelling to far away offices, no boss or employees to handle, chance to work in any clothes etc. However, working from home also needs a lot of dedication and hard work. It is more relaxing but equally taxing to run a business from home.

Franchising favours home based biz

Many organised players have taken franchise route and offer aspirants the chance to run business from home. Taking up franchise route by the aspirants helps in making a home-based business easier -- depending, on the franchise he/ she selects. Good franchises take the edge off the hard work and risk by offering a proven business model and offering a lot of training and support to its franchisees. The startup costs can be significant, and it can take time to become profitable. However once started successfully, it is sure to reach the zenith of success.

Promising home based opportunities

Below given are few concepts that can offer great potential in the home based sector with a lot of hard work and dedication from franchisees.

Home based tutorials: Presently running an educational institution provides lucrative offerings to entrepreneurs. Keeping this in mind many tutorial owners have taken the franchise route for rapid and successful expansion. Moreover online tutorials are also getting popular with many qualified professionals sitting at home due to lack of jobs. These institutes do not require prime or a mall location. These can do equally well in neighboring residential areas. Therefore aspirants with a passion for business and teaching can take up a online coaching franchise from the comfort of their homes. Coaching owners also prefer to have home-based franchisees if they have the area and can develop the needed infrastructure in their homes. Players like iwantTutor.com, Tutorvista.com, Edukart.com, Teacherni.com and many others are doing wonders in this field.

Corporate and personal gifting: Wrapping and gifting is comparatively a new business opportunity to have emerged in Indian markets but it has become quite popular in the short duration also. Corporate and personalized gifting concept has come up with the emergence of MNC culture to welcome new clients, conveying thanks to existing ones, and to impress upon potential clients etc. Sparket, launched in 2000, is a well-known brand in corporate gifting, offering home based opportunities to aspirants. Anil Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Sparket Marketing Pvt. Ltd said: “our business model starts with minimal expenses to ensure maximum earning potential. Our franchisees can start small at home.  However few of our franchisees seriously consider moving out of home after some months as one can always increase his expenses as one becomes more confident of regular earnings.”

Exercise and dance institute: Aspirants having passion for fitness can seriously think of owning an exercise franchise. This would not only provide aspirants with a business opportunity but also make them rich.  Unlike most gym or fitness center franchises, which require owners to invest in real estate, exercise instruction franchises can be run from home. These require a stereo for music for dancing and aerobics.

Cleaning services: A number of domestic and commercial cleaning services offer home based franchise opportunities.  BG Cleaning Systems is well-known for its high standards and reliability. It is a strong brand with almost two decades of professional experience in the cleaning industry behind it. Benedikt Hjalmarsson, CEO, BG Cleaning Systems International shares: “India is a burgeoning market and we saw that there is a demand for professional and high quality cleaning services here. All the franchisees will have to have is a small office, a van, a bike, and other necessary equipment to operate in their exclusive unit franchise zone.” Therefore this business can be run effectively from comfort of home as well.

Computer/Internet services: IT jobs are in many ways ideal for people who want to work from home.  These professionals need only a computer and aspirants can build websites, write programs, develop software and take on myriad other technical tasks. Moreover franchise opportunities are available in the tech arena.

Besides these, there are many other home based business ideas that have a great potential in franchising as well. Entrepreneurs with big and bright ideas can surely take the home based business sector to larger avenues and newer grounds.

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