Some brands are selling anything to unsuspicious consumers in the name of Organic products – Manisha Chopra

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Some brands are selling anything to unsuspicious consumers in the name of Organic products – Manisha Chopra
Going green and natural is in but consumers do need to know the difference in certain versions of it.

Adulteration in products and food is something that has become so common nowadays. We all are using products which we very well know are somewhere harmful to us but we are left with no options. Going green is taking the living standards and markets a notch higher. We delve deeper into the concept of taking up natural products and the concepts behind them in a conversation with Ms Manisha Chopra, Managing Director, Seasoul Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

What is the thinking pattern of a consumer when it comes to choosing natural products?
There are four major words that have been abused quite a lot in India which starts from organic, herbal, ayurvedic and natural. The thing that is happening in today’s time is that lot of products on the shelf are available which could be tagged with either of these. Some consumers are not so educated to know the difference between them but they just trust a brand and buy the product which they think is herbal. The biggest challenge today is that the truth is written in the ingredients section in the smallest font possible because the manufacturer doesn’t want you to read that as the product contains chemicals.

Tell us something about the concept behind your brand, Seasoul.
At Seasoul, we don’t claim any sort of the natural, ayurvedic, herbal or organic products, instead, we say that we are free from all sorts of harmful chemicals. You name the harmful chemicals, we don’t have them. Seasoul very proudly says no to chemicals, may it be parabens, sulphate, phosphate formaldehyde or anything. I’ve got two little kids who have been using Seasoul products for the last 5 years as the products are safe.

Is the categorization of products into different genres really needed?
I believe if a product is made, all these categorisations of products into baby products, female and male products etc. which happens all the time shouldn’t be done. We should be able to apply the same products on our skin as well as the formulation would be same. Products should only be different when there is some skin issue otherwise differentiation shouldn’t be done. There are areas where the products do get different for men and women like shaving creams are for men but when it comes to whitening creams or facial scrubs, we all have the same skin. So, the products have to be same. Seasoul is trying to bring this awareness. We are not only a product line but we also have the responsibility of bringing a mindset to people that going green is possible and very important today.

According to you, what is the reason for ‘Organic’ becoming a highly used word in the products market?
If we look back 30-40 years, when our parents were our age or even when our grandparents were our age, there were no widespread of such diseases like cancer, eczema and other skin diseases. Products were organic in those times and food consumed was also of good quality. Food adulteration and use of so many chemicals have worsened the situation and this why ‘organic’ has become a buzz word.

How has Seasoul devised competitive pricing for its products?
Seasoul is quite competitive when it comes to pricing. The makeup line which we have launched is very affordable. If you’ll purchase a foundation from any international brand will cost you around Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500 but at Seasoul we are priced at Rs. 700-800. Our liquid lipsticks which are lead-free and kiss proof with 24hours stay are priced at Rs. 600. So, we have tried to manage a very competitive price keeping the quality in mind. 

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