Social Media Distractions? Here is How Entrepreneurs Limit It

Uttara.J. Malhotra
Uttara.J. Malhotra Jul 20 2018 - 3 min read
Social Media Distractions? Here is How Entrepreneurs Limit It
As An Entrepreneur, Learn Ways To Keep Your Social Media Interactions Limited In The Day. Here Is How…

Believe it or not but social media has a negative influence on entrepreneurs.  If you are someone running his or her own small business, right from the comfort of your home, there are chances you never anticipated that home is really not the place to do good quality work. Because it is home, it will have all the facilities of home- television, access to a couch, bed, food and much more.

Of all these distractions which are counterproductive, comes easy access to the social media because the internet is easily available to you. So the urge to update, check and browse is so much more. So how do you discipline yourself? Here are some tips:

Keep the social time aside

If you have the urge to update and browse your social media handles, keep some time aside in the day to do so. Avoid the habit of browsing it whenever you feel like taking a break, which is another challenge if you are working out of your home space.  Mark out an hour in the evening or after lunch, and stick to the timeline. Social media can suck a good amount of time off you and this is most counterproductive.

Prioritize What You Browse

In case your work model is such that it requires you to be glued to the social media platforms, prioritize your time on the social media handles. Work in a way that you cover your own topics of interest, post relevant posts and update your websites and blogs before you get into browsing others. Remember, it’s an ocean of information and you can get engrossed and lost.

Keep The Urge At Bay

With access to innumerable websites and social media on your own desktop, you could be tempted to read the latest feed and then get curious about someone else’s personal life, which is what the social media thrives on. Teach yourself the discipline of working from home, which means that you have to restrain from aimless browsing and commenting on feeds. Act as if you are in an office space and keep a tab on how long you are browsing and if you are actually getting work done?

Schedule your Time

“A few years ago, social media was an add-on to your marketing portfolio; today, it is a must-have and small businesses are no exception; try using a program where you can schedule posts (like HootSuite; Facebook has recently added a scheduling option for posts, too); if you have a blog, be sure to link it to your social media so that when you post something, it automatically posts to your pages,” shares Sara Whitman, a soft skill trainer and social media strategist.

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