Six Persistent Small Business Ideas to Make Money

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Nov 11 2021 - 4 min read
Six Persistent Small Business Ideas to Make Money
Idea is the only thing that determines the success of your business

Many people desire to build multimillion-dollar businesses. They look for opportunities by heart and soul but rarely take any action for business Ideas. However, they should understand that ideas are the foundation of every business. Ideas determine whether the business will work or not.

Any business out there was once an idea. If the Idea of working in a typical nine to five job frustrates you and you are ready to invest in your future, you can surely start your business. Here we have discussed some business ideas for you that will never fail and will be worth your time.

Coffee or Ice Cream Parlour

 When the lockdown started, we saw the insane craze of dalgona coffee. This trend shows us how important a cup of coffee is. Interestingly, coffee is slowly becoming the second highly consumed non-alcoholic beverage in India. In India in 2020, coffee consumption was reported to be over 70,200 Kg. 

In such a time, opening a coffee parlour would surely be a profitable decision. Furthermore, you can start it with minimal resources. A small cafe would need few people to work in and a small space. As a side option, you can take a franchise of any popular ice cream brand so that you have little chance of getting failed in the business.

 Virtual assistance

 If you have experience in customer service and want to pursue your career in the same, you can start assisting people virtually to make money online. Virtual assistants are people who provide administrative assistance to clients outside of their client's offices. Although virtual assistant typically works from home, they can access planning documents remotely.

 Flip for profit

 When you flip goods for profits, you buy them for a short time and then sell them for a higher price. People are more inclined to flip consumer products for profit because of the high demand for them. Flipping is the act of buying and selling the same product for a short period of time.

You can flip anything which is legal to sell. In older times people used to do it with spices, minerals and jewels. Now, websites became one of the important things to flip. There are thousands of people who dig for available domain names, buy them and sell when their price goes up.

 Seafood farming

 Seafood or aquatic farming is a good option if you do not want to rely on technology so much. However, seafood farming also requires a small blend of technology but most of the tasks are still performed manually. Seafood farming means raising different types of fishes, crabs and other aquatic organisms in a controlled environment for commercial usage.

If you live or planning to relocate to a village area, you can start a fish farm easily. In starting you need some space, basic Aeration and water testing devices and some amount to buy fishes.

 Virtual coaching or consulting

 Covid helped us see how online businesses are full proof even in pandemic times. Online coaching is one of them. Our reliance on technology is increasing day by day and we need to understand it deeply to conquer modern-day issues. However, understanding the technology helps society by opening door to multiple opportunities. Similarly, you can start educating people by opening an online coaching business. Online coaching does not require so many resources, you just need to find your area of expertise and get started.

 On-demand product designing

 If you don’t want to kick start a brick and mortar style business, you can go for an On-demand product design. This business can help you earn money while showing your creativity and designing skills.

Online product designing could be of many types and may include various products. Some examples in the same row are T-shirts, banners, eBooks, design templates, brand logos business cards etc.


By picking the right Idea and putting in an adequate amount of effort, anyone can run a business. If you have money to invest and do not want to take the whole risk on your shoulders, we will suggest you buy a franchisee of any pre embellished brand and start your entrepreneurial journey effortlessly

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