Set it up at Home- Wellness Biz Ideas with a Good Scope

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Mar 05 2018 - 4 min read
Set it up at Home- Wellness Biz Ideas with a Good Scope
A successful business in the wellness industry not just means flying around the world all the time but can also set up at the convenience of your own haven.

The wellness industry is said to be the next trillion dollar industry because it really opens up new opportunities for people to venture into. It has provided entrepreneurs with so many new categories to set up a business into and many home based business ideas have also taken shape out of them.

Home Healthcare Agency
The At-Home healthcare services segment is a very promising area that is expanding at a good rate. More brands are now getting interested in venturing into this segment which is proving to be very beneficial for people who require healthcare services at home but are unable to find the best ones. Though this might require the appropriate qualifications as per the models, this business idea is very profitable and is being taken up by brands as well as entrepreneurs who want to provide healthcare services to people.

Zumba Classes
When we talk about fitness business, Zumba classes are a hot idea. Zumba has risen to such great heights in the fitness industry that almost everyone has tried it on their journey to get fit. Starting a Zumba class in the comfort of your home is the best one can do with an empty room, adequate knowledge and good music. Turning into a Zumba instructor by opting for Zumba training courses is also a good career option.

Maternity Centre
This idea suits best for rural areas as there are not many good hospitals and services for pregnant ladies. This definitely requires you to get a license from the required medical regulatory authority for smooth and legal operations of the centre. Since this business idea will thrive in the rural areas, it will be really beneficial for the pregnant women in those areas who are forced to deliver in unsafe locations due to unavailability of hospital services.

Yoga Teacher
The power of yoga is known to everyone so why not become a yoga teacher? Yoga classes can easily be opened at the comfort of your home when you have the passion and love for the art form. With so many variations of it trending in the industry, it would be a great idea to set up a yoga centre at home and become a yoga teacher. If this seems too much of work, you can go online and teach yoga to people with your videos.

Expert Speak
“One of the biggest challenges in the At-Home healthcare segment is it’s highly distributed. So, how do you standardise quality when healthcare is being delivered at home? When you are doing it at a hospital or in a nursing home, it’s all under proper supervision of th hospital authority. But when it is done at home, there is only one person from the healthcare company. With that one person, how can one assure that standardisation exists in this kind of treatment? This has been the major challenge in this business. The second problem is how do you solve for scale? In Portea Medical, we do 125000 visits every month. So, as we speak, 4000 visits are taking place. So, how do you standardise that much number of visits? How do you ensure when the quality has been maintained in a distributed fashion? The third challenge is hiring people. At-home health care people are just not available. Nursing attendants, caregivers, even nurses to work at home are too hard to find. We have to do a lot of work in sourcing, training and in the supply chain for the human resources that exist. These are the three main challenges in this business,” says K Ganesh, Chairman, Portea Medical, giving his viewpoint on the at-home healthcare services segment.

Setting up a business in the wellness industry is a big thing as it requires a lot of hard work, research and plans to execute it. It is not just about going around the world that counts as a successful business but putting in effort, even in a home-based one, to get the desired result.

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