Routing franchise success via web marketing

Abha Garyali
Abha Garyali Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Routing franchise success via web marketing
With majority of business owners and franchisors becoming internet savvy and having realised the wider scope and reach of digital media, online marketing is emerging as a latest promotional and advertising medium. Read on to know more...

Aiming to target large audience with limited budget for advertising especially in case of franchising? Online marketing is the answer. Understanding the demand of franchisors to propagate their franchise businesses and acknowledging the need to educate aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to take up a franchise business, some dedicated websites have emerged. Franchisors looking for an online platform to advertise their brand and investors looking for appropriate opportunity can come together on such websites and find out appropriate partners for them. However, a franchisor needs to know certain things about the online marketing platform before signing an advertising deal.

The article here informs and educates about the necessity of web marketing sites in transforming a company to a successful franchise brand.

Understanding the online marketing website

Before discussing the benefits of web marketing, it is important to know what it is and how it works. As the name suggests, web marketing involves marketing or popularising a brand via websites. This work can be done by the brand itself. However, for more immediate and thorough results, the task of marketing is also given to certain web sites which are paid to make a brand popular in franchising. These websites work to popularise a brand so that potential entrepreneurs get attracted to the concept and it expands successfully. Dhiren Surjiani, Director, Café Frespresso Hospitality Ltd shared, "Marketing websites have been a blessing for brands like us. They offer a platform for companies to display themselves and get many calls from potential franchisees. In a short span of one year we have been able to get around 10 franchisees through web marketing."

Criteria for search on opportunity websites

Usually potential franchisees conduct a detailed search to select a brand that would be best suited for them. This search is conducted mostly by these three ways:

Search via category: Potential investors mostly search a brand via its category. Therefore brands that are listed on the first few pages would surely get more clicks than brands registered on later pages. Investors generally visit only the first few pages and select brands which interest them.

Search via investment: Future franchisees usually click on the investment option to limit their search to the brands affordable to them.  Registering the brand via investment is important to get meaningful and serious investors.

Search via location: Many investors usually want to limit their search to preferred location. Therefore marketing websites have an option to find brands that are expanding in a particular location.

Before advertising online

Franchisors looking forward to expand their network via registering on these marketing sites need to clarify a few things before signing any deal. Franchisors should be well aware of the services that they are being offered by registering on any social websites. Let us have a look at few of them;

Website provides maximum response: Usually all brands are not so popular that investors know about them. Therefore it is essential for them to register on such sites so that they get maximum clicks, leading to maximum response and expansion. While conducting a search on the website, potential entrepreneurs get to know about a brand as well as its success rate.

Easily reachable to investors: These websites should promise to make it easier for brands to connect with interested investors.

Conduct regular Email blasts: With E-mail blasts, these websites send information of brands registered on them to hundreds and thousands of interested investors.

Providing good visibility: Getting a space for the brand’s logo on the home page can be very helpful for the expansion of a brand. Logo on the home page can surely increase the brand visibility and lead to more clicks by investors.

Add-on benefits: Paid brands on marketing websites can enjoy many other add-on benefits like regular interviews, news pieces etc. to keep the brand in focus of potential investors.

Essential for brands

So far it must have been clear that web marketing sites are very important for expansion of debutant, emerging as well as established franchise brands. To make it simpler, these websites are indispensable for rapid and successful expansion of brands. Brands registered on these websites get a lot of traffic due to search conducted by investors. This ultimately leads to serious investors, who partner with the brand to expand it. These tie-ups are mostly successful as the investors are well aware of what it takes to be a franchisee of that particular brand and sector.

To conclude it can be said that not only new but established brands should also register in these web marketing sites to increase their network and profitability. Franchisors investing in such sites reap high benefits throughout their franchise journey.

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