Right Teaching and Right Technology

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Right Teaching and Right Technology
At the Indian Education Congress 2017, Mr. Arpit Badjatya, as the panelist, spoke about the unique ideas and the Innovative solutions for the Education sector.

At the very outset of his presentation, Mr. Arpit Badjatya enlightened the audience with his views on choosing the right Technological Solutions.

He said,” I believe Technology has a key role to play in achieving the vision, the magic that we saw in the video. Technology, today is offering multiple tools like e Learning, Hardware devices and other applications. One of the most critical tools today, is ERP, which is a term given to multiple integrated software systems that help us manage internal and external resources within the organisation.

And to our mind, to get this comprehensive integrated and efficient approach, an ERP is the required solution. It is like the nervous system for an institution’s technological ecosystem around which all other technologies can be incorporated, added the Founder & CEO of Serosoft Solutions.

So I believe that, right at the center, as the hub, an ERP system can help connect with various other systems that are today needed for Technology, Pedagogy, Upgradation, Knowledge Skilling and all other initiatives that today’s 21st century institutions are taking on a day to day basis.

Someone once said, “ The purpose of the nervous system , and he meant from the body perspective, is to organize chaos, and I believe that is exactly the case that this nervous system , in ERP can play in an institution road map to organize the chaos that we face on a day to day basis.”

According to him, “Chaos, being, a strong term, but I believe disparate, unorganized or system that cannot communicate with each other is ultimately what’s embodies in this set up.”

Mr. Badjyata further stressed on “Defining our requirements clearly”. He said, “Before embarking on this exercise, it is important that all the departments get together and really abbreviate what they need. And prepare a draft of the set of requirements before going out looking for a vendor or maybe developing it internally. These are the considerations that institutions have to take into considerations before making the buying decision.

Next on the plate was “Defining where we need to be tomorrow.” Talking about ERP, Mr. Barjatya mentioned,” Often times, an ERP implementation exercise can run over months or even years and as it is important that what you build or get built for your institution is not just for today but is futuristic. There are times when you have to give due consideration to where the institution needs to be tomorrow and how the solution that is going to be implemented reflect that in its architecture or its design or its functionality.”

The session was then followed by finding the ‘Vendor with domain expertise in experience’. Mr. Arpit gave us an insight that people who understand the education domain, the process says, are in a much better position to deliver solution. I believe an ERP implementation is more a functional exercise rather than a technical one. And so, you need to find an internal team that has the required domain expertise to really deliver a solution that can map to your requirement for today and for times to come. These are some considerations to draw with you before I wanted to introduce our own solution and talk about it in further detail.

He enlightened us with his solution called ‘ACADEMIA ERP’ by the company called ‘SEROSOFT’, which is a part of a large industrial house called the Hindustan Group and our Value Proposition includes Innovative Solutions and unique ideas for the Education sector.

He further mentioned in his presentation that, “We have implemented the solution Academia in about 175 institutions and we focus on building a deep domain expertise as one of our key differentiatives for the company.”

Before ending up his session Mr. Badjatya highlighted the fact that there are a few questions that they face from the customers and institutions like investing time in data collection and management and excessive paperwork. They are facing losses in multiple excel files, many of them are unable to generate and analyse comprehensive reports and they are looking to connect the various databases, the islands of software that exist through one common platform to get absolute control over processes. They are looking for a single platform of communication amongst students, teaching staff and ultimately scalable and reliable platform because I think that many institutions that are looking forward at 9 year plan, help in managing the institution smoothly.

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