Recruitment: How to Attract More Students Through Proper Counseling?

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Oct 31 2017 - 2 min read
Recruitment: How to Attract More Students Through Proper Counseling?
Attracting more students is a key role of the school's leadership team.

In an exclusive interview with Kanchi Khanna, Director, Outreach, Ashoka University, where we are informed about the certain parameters that are looked upon while recruitment a students during admissions.  She handles both National and International Outreach for Ashoka University.

In the Recruitment industry, what role does Counseling play in recruiting students? Do they go hand in hand together by any chance?

The one thing that has been most valuable is the relationship that we have made with schools and school counselors. For universities like Ashoka, which is aptly focusing towards quality, getting the best recommendations is important. So, we are not looking for numbers.  We are looking for quality. Also, going by the scenario, that is only possible when a counselor recommends a student.

Talking about Recruitment, on what basis do you recruit a student?

We have a very holistic admission process. We not only look at academics, we also give due importance to co-curricular, extracurricular, leadership positions the student may have taken up. We also consider an interview where we come across their attitude, self awareness, how invested they are in this kind of education. So, all that put together, builds a profile for us.

What importance does Counseling & Recruitment actually hold when inculcating the proper base for students?

It is very important because a teacher or a counselor is the only person who truly has the student’s best interest at her heart. There is an unbiased advice which a teacher or a counselor gives to their students.






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