Prospect of a business of organic skin care products in India

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Prospect of a business of organic skin care products in India
Demand of organic products has really increased in the market today and can be a profitable business idea for many. This article briefs about the opportunities available.

We have often heard stories of how our ancestors used to be. That contemporary age was devoid of varieties of skin care products like we do now but still, our predecessors looked so young and healthy in their prime age. We, nowadays, struggle hard to look beautiful and cannot attain the looks we actually admire. The main reasons behind such anomalous skin conditions are pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and impure food. Summing up with the environmental issues, artificial cosmetics are taking the wellness market by storm by showcasing perfectly-manicured looks. The chosen models look very attractive, but there is an old saying ‘looks can be deceptive’. Due to this provocative use of the chic models, multinational brands are planting false hope in the common people of looking better every day with the use of the artificial cosmetic items.

Organic skin care products for natural beaut
No matter how better you look every day, the need for cosmetics will never end. Quenching the thirst for fairness and beauty will always fascinate human beings. The best way to achieve such beauty is both from the inside and outside. Using organic skin care productswill be an ideal way to heal the damage done and nourish the skin properly to get a plush and supple look.

There are many companies in India that are using age-old methods to embrace the power of nature to heal anything. Skin problems are not exceptions. The companies mentioned below are stalwarts in this aspect.

Bon Organics
Started by a single person named Ganesh Chandrasekharan in 1997, Bon Organics is one of the most sought brands in this aspect even in the international market also. The venture took place in Auroville when he took up Ayurvedic remedies to treat health-related problems. Now the company exports 100% handmade products to many countries. All the items in its infirmary are absolutely chemical-free and intend to reserve the goodness of nature’s secrets.

Raw Rituals
This is a recent entry in the organic skincare division of Indian wellness industry. The Ahmadabad based company solely targets handmade natural items for individuals who do not like to experiment with their skin. The raw use of natural ingredients makes its items very popular. The fandom admires its products as all the items are chemical free and absolutely safe for any type of skin. This company is headed by Mrs. Lovina Agarwal. The company is well-known for its luxury items in face masks, serums, handmade soaps, body butter, etc. No synthetic fragrances or preservatives are used. All you will get is the essence of essential oils.

Organic Mill
The owner, Ms. Shreni Kashyeb is taking this brand to a higher level every year. Being a new entrant in this aspect, Organic Mill is also doing business in a miraculous way. The products are quite promising and luxurious. In fact, the owner dares to put her number on the package as she claims that all of them are natural.

Osha Naturals
This Delhi-based brand is owned by Dr. Mansi Thukral Chandra. She has specialized in skincare in India and aims to bring all the natural blessings from all over the world to the people. The products are high-end in nature. The items like toners, face pack, lip balms, body butter, etc are all made without tarnishing the essential oils and natural ingredients.

Prospect of organic skincare business
The above names are continuously growing at a rapid rate as the current urban population in India is taking up ideas of natural healing very fast. The increase in consciousness regarding healthy skin is aiding at a CAGR of 17% every year. There are many old players like Himalaya, Lotus, Vaadi, Baidyanath, Vicco, VLCC, Ayur, Forest Essentials, Just Herbals, etc that are holding the major part of the market. Some of the names such as Areva, Organic Planet, Ascens, etc also provide franchising options for a prospective business.

The idea of selling organic skin care productswill be a fruitful venture as the disposable income of the population is increasing consecutively. People are spending more nowadays to remain healthy and look fresh. For a bright future ahead, go for the organic beauty products business and be a proud part of the revolution. 

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