Promising Returns with Car Wash Franchise

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose May 25 2018 - 6 min read
Promising Returns with Car Wash Franchise
The Rising Preference For Owning Cars Has Given A Good Boost To The Professional Car Wash Business. Franchising Is The Best Way To Get Started With This Fascinating Concept Of Grooming Cars. Read On To Know More.

Maintaining the appearance of a car is a tough job for every car owner. This is the reason why most of the people today, prefer a professional car wash rather than washing their cars at home. Busy schedules and ample disposable incomes have made the business of a car wash a unique business proposition, but one which is yet to be completely adopted by the Indian entrepreneurs. This article will give an insight of this new franchise concept.

Global markets are exercising a number of franchise concepts that are yet to be adopted by Indian entrepreneurs. One such concept is car wash franchising. It is a potential opportunity for aspirants, as the franchise industry in India is growing tremendously and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 40 per cent. Though the concept of car washing is not very popular in India, but with time, it is bound to gain grounds with the rising number of consumers preferring a professional car wash. This unique business concept has fascinated a few entrepreneurs to enter this industry and capitalise on this highly in-demand business. As Ankur Sama, Founder and Director, Carz Spa says, “I like the concept of grooming cars to perfection. Hence my profession of selling cars coupled with a passion for grooming cars brought me into this business.”

Factors contributing to its emergence in India

Car wash franchising is gaining grounds in India and will provide lucrative business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the major factors contributing to its emergence in are:

Easy availability of car loans coupled with rising potential for purchasing cars are the key contributors in the emergence of the car wash franchise.

Changing lifestyles, societal trends and busy schedules are the key drivers of this new franchise concept.

Increasing number of consumers are turning to professional car washing as the car wash businesses offer a complete car servicing, from external washing to interior maintenance.

Dependency on cars for daily travel has led to rising demand for frequent servicing of the cars. Thus, professional car washing is the best option to meet this surging demand.

Types of car wash franchising models

The concept of car wash business offers immense opportunities along with number of options regarding the type of car wash business. This business offers four basic types of car wash franchising models:

Self-service car wash – It is the most favored car wash model for an aspirant as it involves self-services. The customers are provided with all the necessary equipment (self-served or automatic) to wash their own vehicles. It is one of the most advantageous models as it involves low labour costs and is available 24X7. However, the business requires a huge area to build separate bays for the customers.  

‘Stand alone’ automatic car wash – This model is preferred only when the entrepreneur has a limited area to build bays. In such models, an entrepreneur is required to build either one or two automatic bays along with a vacuum and vending area.

Car wash and convenience store combination – The combination of self-service or automatic car washing and a convenient store can be an ideal and profitable way to get started with this car washing business. Washing coupled with the availability of a convenient store can be an added advantage to generate significant revenue. 

Conveyor car wash – It involves a good number of employees to serve the clients and offer the best car wash services. This model requires a large area, highly proficient employees and best equipments to cater to the needs of the customers.

Points to consider before taking up a franchise

With the rising number of people investing in their vehicles, the car grooming franchises are a perfect way to meet the demand of the customers. If you are interested in starting a car wash business, then you need to consider the following guidelines:

The first and foremost thing is that you need to make a decision regarding whether you want a fully automated or a partial automated car wash. This will help you in recruiting the right kind of employees. For instance, with a partially automated car wash, you need to recruit highly proficient employees that can serve the best in terms of car servicing.

Investment becomes the lifeblood of any business and so is the case with this venture. “If properly planned and implemented, the ROI can go really high, says Anandan Seldi, spokesperson, CarWash India.” “Your investment will be in line with the kind of infrastructure and the location that you zero on to set up your business. Like we started our business 2 years back and we do normal washing of cars and bikes. So we do not require a very complex infrastructure for that but we are slowly thinking of scaling up our business by bringing in newer technologies and methods.” She concludes on a personal note saying that it is also important to acquaint oneself with the newest technologies in this business in order to keep ahead of others and keep the business going”, he added.

Location, demographics and traffic counts are other most imperative criteria to get started with a car washing business. You need to find a location that needs car wash services and the area should have populated vicinity to ensure good footfalls. Most importantly, you need a large area with a 24X7 water supply to set up a car wash outlet with separate bays for specific functions and services.

Financial competence is the other essential requisite of this business as the entrepreneurs need to spend extra bucks for a number of other products and services that will be offered at the outlet.

As car wash franchise does not deal only with washing the cars, therefore, you need avail other services also at your auto wash. The services include steam wash and wax paint correction and protection, antiglare glass treatment, anti-rust treatment, AC de-odoring, UV guards for interiors, paint glass enhancement, paint protection films, carbon fiber finish, lamination on interiors and exteriors and personalised vinyl stickers.  

In order to generate good profits, you need to find out cheap yet quality car wash supplies.

Promotion is the vital necessity for the survival of the business. So, you need to carefully prepare a plan to advertise your business concept in order to drive the potential clients.

Car wash franchising is a new concept with promising returns. If you have the inclination towards the service industry and passion for cars, then this can be an ideal business proposition for you.

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