Profits through desired destinations!

Abha Garyali
Abha Garyali Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Profits through desired destinations!
Travelling to a foreign destination is no longer a privilege. With the world getting smaller, immigration companies are sweeping people off to their desired destinations. Franchising an immigration company provides lucrative business opportunities. Let us

With globalisation shrinking the world into a global village, travel overseas has now become common place. Geographic locations have been ‘localised’ owing to a number of factors like, technological up gradation and the rising standard of life. Immigration companies are counting heavily on such changes and franchising an immigration company can provide aspirants with exceptional profitable business opportunities.

Reasons for growth

Let us have a quick glance over the possible reasons for the rapid emergence of immigration companies. Apart from globalisation, getting access to advanced health services in different parts of the world is another reason for people traveling abroad. Availability of better job opportunities has motivated the youth to settle abroad. Also, an increase in the standard of living has people choosing foreign destinations to spend their holidays or to celebrate special occasions. According to Sharmila Oswal, Director and Immigration Attorney, Oscan Group, “People who are frustrated, looking for better options and better life styles desire to settle abroad. Moreover, many of our clients leave the country for health reasons also.” She further added, “Sitting at one place does not give mileage to any company. Franchising is the most suitable way of expansion and associating with the masses.”

Role of immigration companies

The role of immigration companies is increasing with the rising trend among people to immigrate and travel abroad. Before taking up a franchise it is always advisable for the aspiring franchisees to study the role of an immigration company. So let us study the ways in which the immigration companies operate:

  • Assessing valid documents: These companies assist in preparing and collecting the required academic and financial documents needed for going over-seas. Regarding the documents Oswal shared, “Franchisors and franchisees need to verify the authenticity of the documents as many people may create false documents to go abroad. The future of any company can be marred if it is involved in any fraud.”
  • Facilitate visa counseling: These companies employ trained counselors to assist clients to clear the interviews held by the embassies. They also help in getting the medicals and PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).
  • Assisting migration process:  Immigration companies have qualified and expert migration consultants providing correct and pertinent information on the process of migration.

The immigration companies also provide pre and post landing training to its clients so that they do not face any problem.

Franchising in immigration industry

Immigration franchise is a great opportunity to start your own business and franchising in immigration sector is a good option to initiate a business.  Immigration franchise caters to various categories like overseas education, career abroad, tours and travel, etc. Before immersing ourselves into the details of the business let us take a look at the prominent players offering franchise opportunity to the aspiring franchisees. The key players are Pass Portal International, Net Planet Education and Immigration Consultants, Vahista Consultancy, Max Overseas Solutions, Oscan immigration, Canam Academy Immigration etc.

Investment required

Space: As far as space requirement is concerned, it should be a minimum space of 400-500 sq. ft in a good location.

Manpower: At least two counselors is a must have to take up an immigration franchise.

Money: The investment may range from Rs 1 to 5 lakh, depending on the location, space etc.

Elaborating on their eligibility criteria Oswal highlights, “We look for well qualified franchisees, with good sense of humour, and who can convince clients and maintain good relations with them. In our country franchising is comparatively easier as it is not compulsory to have a franchisee license like in other countries.”

Training and support

Immigration companies provide support and training to the franchisees to run their companies profitably. They conduct seminars for the new and existing franchisees to educate them about the concept. Special emphasis is laid on handling and satisfying clients. Regarding this Oswal said, “We offer a three days training at our main office for franchisees. We also provide the marketing support to our franchisees.”

Word of caution

In the last few years it is seen that many immigration companies have been involved in lot of fraudulent cases. To make more money and attract clients these companies take false documents from their clients. Oswal, who is also an immigration attorney, said, “Immigration companies need the right people to expand their networks. Franchisees should not employ unfair means to make their company work. Many franchisees have failed due to this. Moreover most of the immigration companies always present a rosy picture to increase its clientage, which is not acceptable. People should be aware of the hardships of settling in any foreign nation.”

To conclude, it will be apt to say that taking an immigration franchise can be a lucrative option but running it with unfair standards can lead to adverse situations for the franchisees.

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