Profitable Computer Education franchise business in India

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Aug 05 2021 - 4 min read
Profitable Computer Education franchise business in India
Computer education has become a paramount skill owing to which many education institutions have started including it in their syllabi.

Computers are no longer a scarce commodity in India. Anyone can buy and use them as computers are easily available at affordable prices. Computers are now becoming a very important thing used everywhere. They are used in homes, offices, market hospitals and many other areas. This high usage of computers made a very dynamic change in education. Most of the educational firms and schools have started including computer education in their courses as fundamental subjects. The computer schools and training institutes in India are flourishing. These institutes are trying to reach all possible places and give their services.

Why Invest In Computer Education

It is beneficial to invest in the Computer education franchise business in India as it helps the youth to learn electronics and programming in a hassle-free manner. It is also beneficial for the business as it creates brand awareness and helps in gaining more clients. Computer education programs provided by educational institutions are becoming increasingly popular in India and are considered to be of great quality. Companies that deal in Computer Education are getting mushrooming and are coming up in every city of the country.

Type of Computer Education

Computer education is a vast spectrum of multiple subjects related to computer-

  • Internet-based computer education- Some examples are Digital marketing and web development.
  • Programming and software development- These courses are related to various programming languages. HTML and JavaScript are two main examples of programming languages.
  • Basic hardware and software-related courses- basic computer and hardware related courses come in this category.
  • There are some other types of courses like server, network troubleshooting and many more.

What You Need To Start

There are no compulsory prerequisites for starting a business in the computer education field. You just need to understand few things about your area and market demand and you are good to start. We have listed some other factor which matters while opening a computer education business.

  • Decide on a budget- it is very much important to know your budget while wetting up your business. Most of the sole businessmen could not manage their wages and go in the loss from time to time.
  • Find location and infrastructure- a good location helps you in dealing with market demand and infrastructure helps your customers to get a good environment. Environment plays a vital role when we talk about education or related businesses.
  • Arrange required furniture- after finalising the location and building next step is to arrange the required furniture.
  • Hire trained teachers- education is all about good teachers. You should invest in highly trained and well-educated teachers to ensure the success of your business.
  • Provide courses as per demand- you should understand the market demand provide the courses as per area requirement.
  • Get registered- It is very easy to get registered as a computer education business in India. You just need to send a request form along with some documents to local authorities.

Franchise as an Option

Before you finally opt for a specific franchise to invest in, it is better to analyze whether opening up a Computer Education franchise can be more profitable or not. Many computer education firms offer their franchise to gain more clients and earn revenue. Getting a computer education franchise can be a good option if you do not want to take the whole risk on yourself. The franchise also helps when you don’t have proper knowledge and training in a particular field. You can easily get a franchise of a big firm working in this sector for a long time, to use their name and experience. Franchise helps you to earn a good amount by investing little in comparison to establishing a full-frame business.  

Current Market of Computer Education in India

The number of Computer Science graduates is growing rapidly, up 300% since 2000. Computer science students are being hired by Google and Microsoft, where they develop the next generation of web-crawling algorithms and virtual assistants. Also, a small but growing number of Indian start-up companies are getting funded more than $500 million in 2013 from Silicon Valley.

The computer and data science market in India is expected to grow to US$626 Million by 2025, which was US$103 Million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 43% during the period.


If you like education as a business thing and are looking for some good opportunities in this field computer education business can solve your problem. No matter you are opening a sole proprietorship business or getting a franchise if you put in your honest effort it will never fail. Computer education is a forever blooming business with endless opportunities. It is completely on you that how you use and make money with them


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