Pointers That Make India A Favorable Destination For Establishing a Wellness Business

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Apr 08 2019 - 3 min read
Pointers That Make India A Favorable Destination For Establishing a Wellness Business
The rising demand of innovations and latest trends within the Indian wellness industry has made it one of the most profitable business segments in the country today.

The evolution of the Indian wellness industry took place at a rapid pace that completely revamped the industry into a profitable business segment in modern India. The market is continuing to show transformation as new technologies and innovations are penetrating the industry, eventually becoming stronger.

In the last couple of years, India has witnessed several brands invading the industry with the aim of making big in this industry. Investors have finally realized the potential hidden within this segment that could turn their dreams into a reality by establishing a successful and popular wellness business.

Moreover, the brands are introducing new business ideas and constantly looking to experiment with their previous offerings in order to sustain in this difficult market, staying unique and different. Also, the startup culture has heavily contributed towards the booming of the sector where brands are looking out for ways to improve the Indians’ lifestyle.

Siddhant Bhargava, Co-founder, Fitness & Nutritional Scientist, Food Darzee, shares “The existence of wellness services in India is not a new thing. But, innovation and technology have heavily contributed towards the booming of this sector due to which more and more investors are stepping in for establishing their own wellness businesses.”

An Era of Digitalization

The idiom ‘Better late than never’ rightly fits here. India lately utilized digitalization as a tool for growing businesses in India. But, when the trend started, there has been no stopping till now and neither is it expected to stop anytime soon. Indian wellness franchisors/entrepreneurs have started to adopt new methods and techniques for improving their products and services that could prove beneficial to the customers.

Despite being late, wellness business owners are using digitalization as the ladder that is offering wide and easy access to the wellness consumers stretched nationally and globally. The future of wellness business in India is quite promising as investors are constantly redefining their tactics for utilizing digitalization as a beneficial tool.

Penetration of New Trends

Trends and innovations are heavily contributing to the rapidly evolving Indian wellness industry. In fact, the modern-day business industry is rapidly being penetrated by new trends and innovations that are revamping the industry along with generating new business opportunities for the investors.

Bhargava adds, “Every new trend in the wellness industry is introducing something new into the industry. Moreover, trend and innovation are two essential elements of wellness businesses in today’s time that is helping the industry to move ahead while maintaining the interest of modern day customers.”

Penetration from both National and International Brands

India currently has an ample amount of opportunities for wellness business investors. It won’t be wrong to consider India as a vast ocean of opportunities that is being utilized by the national and international investors, both, who have finally realized the worth of the Indian wellness industry that could certainly boom their business vision into a reality.

The expanding market has attracted a good number of foreign brands in every segment of the wellness industry. Be it beauty, fitness, organic or any other segment, the power of the wellness industry has brought in many good foreign brands to cater to the Indian consumers’ needs.

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