Nail Art Trends You Must Follow In 2022

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Dec 23 2021 - 4 min read
Nail Art Trends You Must Follow In 2022
Following nail trends is not only important for fashion sense, but it also gives the impression of standing out from the crowd

Harsh cold waves and the delightful smell of Christmas cakes are cueing that the New Year is on the way. The era of the New Year resolution will come and we will take oaths of eating healthy or saving money, which will hardly last till the end of Jan. How long you can follow your resolution is on you but we have indexed some fantastic nail art trends, which will last more than a year. It would be a great way for you to slay your friends for the whole year. Winter does not mean going bold is the only option to look pretty.

As trends change, so should you. No matter where you are, nails are noticed - whether you are exchanging gifts or waving at your friends. Sometimes they are even more noticeable than your hair and dress. Therefore, following nail trends is not only important for fashion sense, but it also gives the impression of standing out from the crowd.

The Basic Styling

Caring for your nails is never an easy task. You can simply visit any nail parlour and ask for the most basic manicure service from them. It includes a systematic process of cleaning, washing, filing, drying, coating, colouring and application of natural oils.

French Manicure

This is one of the simplest, stylish and apt of any occasion. French manicure has its roots in America. Interestingly, this is a purely American trend misunderstood as a French one. French manicure involves painting your nails a simple baby pink or cream colour, then applying a thin strip of that colour to the tip.

There is a reverse version of the same, trending recently, where the bottom part is painted white, leaving the upper as pink or any colour of your choice. This also looks simple and stylish at the same time. This is the best option for those who do not want to be painted with punchy colours like orange teal or bright red.

Nail Art Painting

In nail art painting, artists draw objects of your choice on your nails. There are various methods of doing this. Some artists use thin striping tape to make fine lines while some use a precision brush; some also use a sprayer but their objective remains the same. It adds cute details to your nails, which you can use to deliver your message or even show your love for your favourite comic characters.

Acrylic Extension

Nail art is incomplete without extension. This one is the best option for those who want to take this to another level. The extension means using materials and objects to extend your nail size. It creates a hard protective layer on your nail. In extension, a liquid monomer and powder polymer are mixed and applied on your nails and the extra part is filed away in the end.

Two other types of extensions include gel-based and shellac-based extensions, which are in trend nowadays. A gel manicure includes the same basic manicure process but with the addition of a gel polish cured under UV light twice, then the topcoat is applied to cure the nails.  While, shellac is a natural compound, and has comparatively low chances of any type of damage.

Korean Beauty

With the increasing popularity of Kpop and Korean drama, we are getting a ton of beauty tips and hacks. Of these, Korean nail art stands out the most. There are many types of nail designs, including doodle on nails, Korean pink nails, tonal contrast, cuticle designing, and others.

Fall Trends

Adding your favourite designs to fall can make it even more joyous. This season is filled with endless possibilities. In recent months, there has been a huge increase in the use of Aura, vintage, and blue-grey tones. Other colours on the list include magenta, primary yellow, jade green, peach, and all shades of nude.

Different Nail Shapes

It is impossible to discuss nail trends without mentioning the shape guide. Numerous nail shapes are in style, but oval, almond, squoval coffin, and stiletto are among the most popular. These shapes can be coloured accordingly.

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