Multiplying the quality in the beauty and wellness industry through Franchising

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Multiplying the quality in the beauty and wellness industry through Franchising
The final session at The Salon and Wellness Congress 2017 had speakers taking up the topic of franchising in the beauty and wellness industry and discussed the possibilities it brings with it.

To move ahead in the wellness industry, it takes a lot more than just name. Brands fight it out on many factors like services, growth, innovations, client base, mass reach etc. Franchising has been a vital point in deciding the growth of a brand as it lets the brand explore and expand further. Many big names have ventured in franchising and have been doing a good job in the same. Franchising opens a lot of opportunities for a brand and helps in multiplying at a great pace.

Franchising- The Way Ahead
No doubt, franchising has opened a lot of doors to success for the brands who have utilised the opportunity. A brand does not only multiply its store through franchising but also multiplies name, client base and trust which hold an important position in the wellness and beauty market. Franchising is the way forward and has also provided many brands with a fresh breath of air and has initiated new beginnings.

According to Ms Sadiya Naseem, Founder and CEO, Glam Studios, India has more than 1 lakh salons and when focused on the franchised salons, there are only 2500 which is a huge gap.

Franchising is a great way ahead but more brands need to take it up in order to bring more growth in the industry. The numbers are not in proportion and development can happen when brands start to understand the value of franchising for them.

New Techniques in Franchising
Just like every other segment of the wellness and beauty industry, franchising also experiences changes and new concepts. Some brands do not believe in sticking to the older concept of franchising and have come up with their own techniques.

Ms Naseem, who has herself designed a new way of doing franchising for her brand, Glam Studios, said that instead of opening new salons, brands can give their franchisees to the existing standalone salons so that they can also get the power of the brand. They can also have a technical, marketing and HR support. The franchising system will also be easier for them to adopt, she added.

Something new in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

New trends always bring with them various changes in the industry. Consumers are the ones who get a whole variety to choose from and it all depends on them whether they’ll like it or not. Each trend is inspired by some part of the world and must have been like by consumers of that industry.

Speaking about new trends, Ms Norliza Othman, President, Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA), Malaysia, said that Malaysia is witnessing a new trend as the mobile spa, which particularly involves postnatal services. They go from house to house giving postnatal services and are making a lot of money. This is another sector that people are looking at.

The industry keeps alive and abuzz with new trends and they do help in moving forward with the changing times and tastes of consumers which are important.

The Soul in Franchising- Consistency

Consistency is needed in every industry in order to climb the ladder of growth. It helps the market prosper as the consumers know what they are expecting and what will be delivered. It builds their trust in the beauty and wellness industry which helps it go a long way.

Mr Trent Anthony Munday, Senior Vice President- International, Mandara Spa, Malaysia, said at The Salon and Wellness Congress that the core in franchising is to consistently deliver across the countries, regions or territories. The main element of a good spa treatment is something which by its nature is not consistent. Franchising, on the other hand, needs consistency as that is what takes it forward but certain spa franchisees also work as they don’t insist on consistency at the treatment level. This is because every consumer is different and requires different techniques to relax.


Franchising has made many businesses grow large at a faster pace. It has improved the way consumers reach out to them and has also made it convenient for them. Though brands are involved in the concept of franchising, more names should join in order to expand the industry as well as open more doors of opportunities.

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