Most Sought After Luxury Hotel Amenities

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta May 17 2018 - 3 min read
Most Sought After Luxury Hotel Amenities
Every traveler has his/her priorities when it comes to choosing a hotel, where they would like to spend their money and time.


Different people across the world travel for different reasons and all come under one common word as travelers.

Every traveler has their priorities when it comes to choosing a hotel, where they would like to spend their money and time. Hotels, on the other hand, try to bring as much on the table as per the guest’s preference while maintaining the quality without compromising with the cost of it.

"For a long time, hotels offered a fairly standard set of amenities, but traveler preferences and expectations have evolved in recent years and the offerings from hotels have as well," said Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for Hotels.com.

Here are some of the amenities which the travelers look for before booking their hotels:

Free Wi-Fi:

A survey has reaffirmed that the importance of free Wi-Fi is 67 percent of respondents valued complimentary internet access over other hotel services. The problem with traveling is sometimes there is the network problem or traveling alone, one needs to keep him/her updated with what is happening around the world, which is why one needs internet connection all the time.

There are businessmen, businesswomen, and other working professionals who need to work while on the go, so internet is needed 24*7 to keep the work going, making video calls and updating social media.

To provide free Wi-Fi is not that big a task for most hoteliers if they want happy customers.

Free Spa with a view:

People during vacation want to relax and pamper themselves. In a recent survey, it was mentioned that 47 percent of guests like to enjoy free spa sessions during their stay in hotels.

There are only a few hotels which have spa facilities for guests but is chargeable, many travelers feel spa facility along with a breathtaking view, should be the luxury that they can get for free. Many travelers look only for spa facilities in hotels before they hit the book button.

Food in Bed:

In the home, the food is always on the table but travelers want their food to reach to their bed because to them just a complimentary breakfast in the restaurant is not enough. Survey reveals that complimentary breakfast which comes straight to their rooms is what 31 percent of the travelers, desire from their favorite hotels.

There are travelers who wake up late or spend more time in the gym during the morning hours, they would not like to miss out on their breakfast due to time constraints, which is why they like to have their breakfast in their room or in their comfort zone.

Free Minibar:

Almost all of us have faced this problem of controlling our greed of not opening the minibar, where the items are usually overpriced that the actual MRP, but we end up stuffing ourselves with those overpriced goodies.

The survey suggests that 56 percent of travelers voted in favor of getting their minibars for free. The charges either should be equal to the MRP or the entire minibar should be available for free. Thus the hotels can add the amount in the charges per room or can work out on providing the minibar for free to the guests.

These some of the amenities as per the survey where the hoteliers can work in order to attract more travelers to their hotels, rest other amenities which the travelers have voted for are fitness centre (15 percent), spacious rooms (20 percent), Green Products (16 percent) and Free coffee/tea in the lobby (8 percent).

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