Most Profitable Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Feb 17 2018 - 3 min read
Most Profitable Business Ideas for Mompreneurs
For mothers who still want to work post pregnancy but on their own terms so that they can willingly divide their time with their child as well as in making their career, we have a term for those businesswomen, we call them mompreneurs.

Many women post their pregnancy hesitate to work in regular jobs because they want to spend more time with their newborn and less in tension to meet the targets.

For mothers who still want to work post-pregnancy but on their own terms so that they can willingly divide their time with their child as well as in making their career, we have a term for those businesswomen---Mompreneurs.

Here are some of the business ideas, which mothers can try to satisfy their inner business women while taking care of their babies:

Freelance Writer:

A writer at heart will always be a writer, so the mothers who had to quit their writing career or had to take a sabbatical from their regular writer’s job can restart as a freelance writer.

There are many big advertisement and media companies looking for a freelance writer, who has experience of good enough years in the field. So, mompreneurs can start their business by forming a freelance writing consultancy or writing on their own.


Only a loving mother, especially who has recently experienced the joy of motherhood can take good care of toddlers. They can help all the expecting moms, by giving suggestions and pieces of advice along with helping them in taking care of the other baby (if they already have one).

Those who are looking for an option or an idea to shift gears from your normal life to a working life, only they can start a babysitter firm or can start a babysitting training school or at least they can begin with by being one.

Interior Decorator:

Most women like to stay indoors post-pregnancy and do not like going out to work while leaving their baby with a babysitter or older parents, but still, want to work and earn money by selling their creativity in whichever field they have gained expertise.

Women who are good in decorating houses or who have excelled in architecture can begin with interior decorating. This way they will always be with their baby. Gradually they will be able to grow their business in interior decoration.

Online Fashion Shop:

If you think you have the taste for good fashion and you can feel the pulse of the youth and their likes, what better opportunity can be other than opening an online fashion business.

If you are good in designing or simply in arranging a bunch of fashion designers, who will be willing to work with you, then you can start an online fashion shop. You can also start a workshop where people with different fashion designing skills can come together and help you to kick-start your business.

Ice Cream parlor or Bakery:

If you have learnt the art of baking cakes, pastries or ice cream, you can start an ice cream parlor or bakery and make a business out of your talent.

If you think you are not confident enough to start the business in the form of a different shop altogether, then you can begin with sending or selling them to your friends and relatives, which can help in polishing your craft of cake baking and ice cream making.

These are for mothers who want to work while handling their motherhood and parallelly join the entrepreneurial bandwagon to create a brand of their own.

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