Major Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Programs Failed In 2018

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Dec 29 2018 - 2 min read
Major Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Programs Failed In 2018
The health and wellness industry witnessed many new innovations and experiments as the industry flourished drastically in 2018.

2018 could surely be considered the year where wellness business emerged as one of the most lucrative options for establishing a successful business. The wellness trend penetrated other segments as well including real estate, food, and beverages, corporate world, etc.

Meanwhile, this rapid penetration of the wellness business, corporate health, and wellness programs emerged as a common introduction at many organizations. Incorporating the wellness trend successfully made these corporate wellness programs a hot topic that gained huge popularity.

But just introducing a wellness program at your organization doesn’t make you successful. Many companies witnessed failure as they fell short of accomplishing their objectives and goals.

What could be the major reason why these corporate wellness programs didn’t do well in 2018?

Unorganized Corporate Wellness Programs

Most of the corporate wellness programs came into existence because employers wanted to help and improve the employee’s health condition, improving their healthcare facilities. But it’s necessary to have a well-designed wellness program that could cater to the employees respectively.

Unfortunately, not every organization was able to design proper and organized programs for their employees that resulted in the program’s failure.

Lack of Outcome-Based Programs

The Indian corporate wellness programs mainly consisted of regular events and presentations that were being offered under the wellness umbrella. These programs were easy to design and incorporate as it eliminates the tracking process of participation and other data.

This came out to be a big reason why corporate wellness programs faced failure in 2018. Organizations need to introduce outcome-based programs that could have well-organized wellness efforts.

Additionally, you need to set your goals and vision along with gathering the required data that could successfully impact your wellness program.

Wellness franchisors were unable to make improvements every year shifting their focus accordingly.  

Complicating the Programs

Another major reason why many organizations failed to introduce the right corporate wellness program was due to the overly complicated programming. In order to cater to something unique and beneficial, franchisors tried to make things a bit complicated that not work in their favor.

Thus, it’s essential to understand that the simpler the program is, the more beneficial it would be for the employees. Franchisors were unable to design a program that successfully engaged the employees, resulting in obtaining positive outcomes.

Therefore, franchisors could introduce a mobile app, allowing the employees to participate in every aspect of the corporate wellness program.

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