Lahori, The Desi Drink Brand Titillating Your Taste Buds

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Jan 27 2022 - 4 min read
Lahori, The Desi Drink Brand Titillating Your Taste Buds
A small beverage business, started from the kitchen and now is a multimillion dollar venture.

Being a tropical country, India receives a huge amount of light and heat from the sun. This scorching weather creates a huge demand for cool and refreshing beverages. From north to south you can get thousands of sweet and spicy drinks, defining a unique taste and temptation in them. Spices not only make them tasty and unique, but serve tons of health benefits too. 

Who They Are 

Seeing this, three cousins from Punjab decided to serve cool and refreshing drinks in the market. They started in 2017, as Archian Foods Pvt Ltd, to serve the Desi Flavours in the drinks. Archian Foods launched their brand for fully natural and Indian beverages and named it Lahori. The company is headquartered in Mohali, Punjab and operates majorly in the northern part of India. It has a strong grip in the markets of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and western parts of Uttar Pradesh. More than 500 distributors distribute the drinks. Moreover, the brand has conducted pilot programs in eight states. 

Initially, the Company had a capacity of producing 96,000 bottles per day, while now; the company claims a production capacity of more than 1.2 million a day. 


Founders for the brand, Lahori, are Saurabh Munjal, Saurabh Bhutna and Nikhil Doda. Surabh Munjal, Chief Financial Officer, looks over the strategic parts, works for the branding, while promoting it to different markets. Saurabh holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, from Singapore, is an expert at working with numbers. Providing long-term planning and financial planning for our company, he charts the future path for our company.

Nikhil Doda, works as Chief Marketing Officer for the company. He takes care of production, research and developments. Additionally, Nikhil also decides distribution channel strategy and manages the sales team. As the brand's ground level representative, Nikhil looks after the brand's overall functioning diligently with a flair for sales and marketing. A genius in people management, he holds an MBA from New Zealand.

On the other hand, Saurabh Bhutna, Chief Operations Officer, manages the operations and also has the production, quality, and human resources teams under him. With his meticulous planning skills and attention to detail, Saurabh ensures the smooth running of the company. He maintains the scoreboard and handles day-to-day operations with a master's degree in management.

About The Brand

Lahori is a common name for Himalayan pink salt. This name is given to the brand showing that this drink contains pure Himalayan pink salt. The brand currently serves four products in its range, which are Zeera, Nimboo, KachaAam, and Shikanji. 

The brand generated an annual turnover of INR 80 crore in the financial year 2021, and will reach 250 crores in 2022. The brand also claims to reach INR 1000 Crore in terms of gross revenue in the upcoming three years. 

Verlinvest, A consumer product focused investor from Belgium, provided the brand with USD 15 million in January 2022, for a disclosed minority stake. According to Lahori's plans, the funds will be used to expand its brand online and offline, as well as to enhance its national presence. Besides adhering to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), the company commits to follow global standards in order to maintain a high level of quality.

Why They Started In This Segment

The primary reason for them to start in this sector was that in India, there is no one thinking to satisfy the taste buds with such resonating drinks. We, Indian, love spices and haven’t left the beverages sector untouched. We consume drinks like Jaljeera, different types of lassis and shikanji. The company wanted to serve the same homelike (desi) taste to customers. However, there is a strong competition in the beverage sector; no one tries to replace the artificial drinks with natural ones. 

To solve this problem, and satisfy the taste buds of customers, Archian Foods launched its range of natural drinks. They compiled natural ingredients from Indian kitchens and bottled them under the Lahori brand. Their range contains four easy to carry, non-artificial taste delightful.

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