Key Benefits of Mobile Advertising for Growing a Business in India

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Apr 01 2019 - 4 min read
Key Benefits of Mobile Advertising for Growing a Business in India
Digitalization and technology are two keywords that have created a buzz within the India business sector.

Mobile advertising, which was relevantly an alien concept in the Indian business industry is now stepping out of that zone, highlighting key benefits it carries for business owners that are willing to expand their business in no time.  

With growing focus and demand of digital marketing and AdTech sector in the country, the Indian business owners are shifting their interest and focus towards the new age tools for growing their business within the country and globally, both.

The fact that almost everybody in the world owns a mobile phone makes it a lucrative opportunity for business owners to utilize the power of mobile marketing. While the industry is still battling its initial war for their existence within India, business owners could maximize their profits by opting for mobile marketing.

Mobile Advertising: An Innovative Way for Reaching Out to Potential Customers

Digitalization and technology are two keywords that have created a buzz within the India business sector. Witnessing the growth and demand of digitalization and technology, Indian business owners have started reaching out to a wider audience through mobile marketing.

These tools provide business owners with another window where they can reach out to their potential customers and provide the buyer's discounts and offers that they just can’t refuse.

Arun Gupta, CEO and Founder MoMAGIC Technologies said, “Mobile advertising in India is all set to take a quantum jump in the next two years with more and more Indians, moving to consuming content especially videos on their mobile phones. With mobile data prices in India being the lowest in the world, advertisers and marketers have changed their strategy to get quantifiable results with deep user insight.”

But as the concept is still in its early phase, many business owners are unaware of how to use mobile marketing for growing a business and what are some key advantages of mobile marketing. Here are three advantages of mobile marketing for growing a business demographically.

  1. An Easy to Use Marketing Tool

Mobile marketing usually uses SMS or MMS depending upon the campaign and its requirement. But in both cases, the messages are short, relevant, simple, straight, and informative that eventually increases the livelihood of the customers that are going through the text.

Through mobile marketing, one could easily promote a service or brand among a larger audience, providing a link to make the purchase directly from the text.

  1. A Fast and Direct Approach

Especially when the competition is getting stiffer with days, it has become mandatory for targeting your potential buyers in no time. If not done, one might lose his/her potential buyers to some other firms catering under the same segment.

Undoubtedly, mobile advertising is among the fast way to communicate with the potential buyers lying within the active population. While the fast speed approach favors this concept, business owners could utilize this tool by sending promotional messages to customers, eventually increasing their opportunity for making an immediate purchase through mobile marketing/advertising.

  1. Mobile Advertising is Easy to Track

If you are new into the industry, it’s recommended to understand that marketing is all about Return on Investment (ROI). Normally, it’s very difficult for owners to analyze and track marketing campaigns that play an essential role in the development of a brand.

“One of the key aspects to further drive mobile advertising will be the user experience (UX) for the mobile ads. Balancing advertising ROI while ensuring a superior user experience, that builds brand loyalty, has been a major challenge for advertisers and publishers,” added Gupta.

Fortunately, mobile advertising could turn out to be a boon for business owners and investors. It’s very easy to track and analyze the campaign through click-through-rate (CTR) that can provide valuable data for the use in the future bran’s development.

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