Juicy Chemistry, A Small Business Success Story

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Opportunity India Desk Jan 20 2022 - 4 min read
Juicy Chemistry, A Small Business Success Story
They have a wide range of products dealing with your skin, hair, face and other day to day trouble.

Facebook has been one of the strongest tools to share your identity on a public platform. It’s your choice how and what you are portraying about yourself. With the time and developed technologies Facebook adopted new and innovative ways to get more attention. We can observe the changes like facebook stories, music on the pictures, funny emojis, and reels as new features. It is same like out with the old and in with the new. When there are so many distinguished features, how can it overlook the most imperative thing, ie Small Business.

Facebook has helped numerous small businesses who were unnoticed prior to get this unique platform. From clothes to gadgets and food to skin care it is impossible to mention all in one go.

In this article I will share about one small business, JUICY CHEMISTRY, How it started and earned so much fame at such a minimal time period.

Megha Asher was prone to acne, tried to find the right fix for it. Last option was to go down the organic route. So, they were about to purchase a few ‘organic’ products, when Pritesh noticed something that astonished him. He looked at the back of the pack and noticed that most of the ingredients were refined versions of raw materials found in the manufacturing of petroleum products. “I handed the product back to the salesperson, and all I could think of was the irony of the situation. The front of the label was promising ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, while the label behind was whispering parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours, and more.” Said Pritesh Asher, Co-founder.

From that split second they started penning the story of their success.  They started Juicy Chemistry, honoring the power of nature. It aims to help everyone find the answers to their skin concerns, the answer exists in nature. They spent lot of time and effort in understanding the physical and chemical properties of each and every ingredient .Over several years, they’ve worked hard to make sure to question how best to bring nature to customers in its most unadulterated form, from soil-to-shelf.

They have a wide range of products dealing with your skin, hair,face and other day to day trouble. Juicy Chemistry is very popular and loved by their happy customers. As told earlier Facebook is responsible to grow the business. For juicy Chemistry also it played essential role. Followed by 51k people and liked by 50k people with lots of testimonials, it expanded exponentially in the field of beauty business. Their real and virtual identity created faith all over India and abroad. Mother nature has bestowed us with so many things however not everyone knows toward explore, this was wisely done by Juicy Chemistry to breathe new life into the beauty industry.

They are purely natural, Dermatologically Tested, Handmade, Water-free Formulation in some of the products, Freshly Made, No Sulphates, No Synthetic Fragrance Oils, No Dyes, Eco-friendly Packaging, No Petrochemicals and pure veg which is 100% non-negotiable.

The most exciting thing I must share. What we generally do after using the products? The answer is we throw in the garbage. But here they have come across with an innovative idea called Re-Cycle & Reward Program.  How does it work?

Do not throw away the empty containers after you have finished your JC products. Instead, clean the empties and start collecting them .Once you have collected 5 full-size empties their shipping executive will connect with you at the earliest and arrange a pick for the empties.

For every 5 full-size empties, we reward you with 5000 points i.e., INR 100. The reward points do not expire and can be redeemed anytime in future. The reward discount doesn’t apply during sales

How to redeem the points?

Login to your account on our website/app

Go to 'My Rewards'

Click on 'Redeem points' and generate coupon code

Add products to cart

Checkout and apply the code.

Before starting this business Pritesh used to run a Petrochemicals business. Because of his scientific roots, he loves experimenting with ingredients and formulations, and most importantly, he knows what DOES NOT belong on skin and Megha Desai Asher was criminologist, journalist, and fashion designer - the ability to deep-dive into research and question everything comes to her with ease. Her innate curiosity has also made her an extremely conscious and mindful consumer, and she hopes to help many others follow suit.

Juicy Chemistry set a milestone through facebook and with their own effort. You can reach them at No 106, Ramalingam Road (West), Next to Ramalingam Sowdeshwari marriage Hall, R.S Puram Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India 641002 or connect at 09655222852 hello@juicychemistry.com

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