It's The Perfect Time To Invest In The Vegan Industry

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Sep 06 2018 - 3 min read
It's The Perfect Time To Invest In The Vegan Industry
Over the last few years, veganism has emerged as a global trend with more and more people across the world choosing to live on a plant-based diet.

While going the vegan route is an ethical choice for many, preventing animal exploitation and helping the environment aren’t its only benefits.

A well-planned vegan diet comprises of all the nutrients that our body needs and can actually lead to an improved diet and provide you with a vast array of health perks.

Read on to know more about the undisputable health and wellness benefits of going vegan:

Higher intake of essential nutrients

Several studies have reported that replacing meat and animal products in your diet with fresh, whole foods can increase your daily consumption of certain beneficial nutrients. For instance, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are naturally rich in protein which can aid your metabolism. Hence with a correctly planned diet, vegans can naturally consume high quantities of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins A, C and E, folate, potassium, magnesium and other essential nutrients.

Prevention against diseases

Since vegan foods are naturally high in essential nutrients and contain fewer saturated fats, they are proven effective in lowering the risk of many diet-related medical problems including obesity, type-2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that vegans are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, migrains and hormonal imbalance than others.

Also, probiotic-rich whole foods can significantly decrease the symptoms of arthritis.

Weight loss

It has been proven that following a vegan diet is one of the best ways to reduce your calorie intake and shed those extra kilos. Aadding low calorie, nutrient-rich plant-based food to your diet increases your fibre intake, improving your digestion, contributing to a healthy BMI thereby helping you lose excess weight.

Healthier, younger-looking skin

Animal-based products and the nasty fats in them may cause the skin to break out and make it look dull and unhealthy. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, helps your body to stay hydrated, keeping your skin free of acne, blemishes and wrinkles. Thus, a vegan diet helps in preventing the signs of aging, makes your skin smoother and gives it a healthy, youthful glow.

Mental wellness

A healthy vegan diet comprising superfoods such as ashwagandha, aloe vera, amla, green tea, grape seed, chlorella, etc. is bound to purify our minds and keep us healthier and happier. It has been seen that consuming high-fibre, antioxidant-rich plant-based food lowers inflammation and increases gut bacteria in our bodies, thus improving mood. Following a vegan lifestyle can prove helpful in fighting depression, anxiety and other such mental disorders, ensuring your overall mental wellness.

Thus, veganism is truly an approach to holistic living – a journey towards a cleaner environment, healthier body and longer life.

By Shivam Hingorani, Founder, Ace Blend (Natural Protein & Superfoods Nourisher)

Image credit:  Chapel Street Precinct 

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