Is audiovisual wellness all set to steam up the wellness industry

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Dec 23 2017 - 4 min read
Is audiovisual wellness all set to steam up the wellness industry
New trends and ideas have always enhanced a business in terms of growth and profit. What will be interesting to watch is that will audiovisual wellness impact the wellness industry in India.

The wellness trends often amaze us with their concepts. The adaptation of certain innovations in this particular industry is quite surprising. These trends prepare a fortified ground based on which the industry grows to new extent. The wellness market in India is quite flourishing in all possible aspects. One of the most eye-catching trends that are going to change the thinking of wellness, especially the healthcare industry, is audiovisual wellness.

What is audiovisual wellness?
Audiovisual wellness is a new concept introduced in the wellness industry. In this concept, various types of audiovisual instruments are used for therapeutic purposes. The working principle is different from the sonograms or other medical equipment that are used to detect anomalies in an individual’s body. These audiovisual systems are used to stimulate the audiovisual sensory organs of a person for various purposes. For an instance, the best use of this concept is in Virtual Reality. A person is attached to specific audiovisual equipment that takes him or her on a trip via an audiovisual transmission. With the aid of this transmission, the individual can get immense help both physically and mentally. The videos can calm a person or enable an individual to gain concentration.

The platform of audiovisual wellness is continuously developing and providing innovative technologies to deal with various types of physical and mental problems. This part of Virtual Reality (VR) can play an impressive role to provide peace to the patients suffering from mental ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, stress, vertigo, migraine, etc.

Addressing mental illnesses like PTSD
The audiovisual wellness in the form of VR can be used to cater empathy for the patients suffering from medical conditions such as claustrophobia, Alzheimer’s, etc. The simulations used in the audiovisual equipment will aid the patients to calm down their disturbed mind. In fact, a recent study suggested that the patients, suffering from extreme stress, depression or trauma, calm down pretty quickly when any familiar audiovisual file is being played. The brain engages in finding the old memories and triggers the happy ones with it. The flashback aids in pacifying the brain and can easily help a patient to overcome problems.

The audiovisual systems using VR are very helpful to treat the patients and soldiers who have suffered a lot in various circumstances. Due to the painful memories etched in their brain, it sometimes becomes impossible to recover. Most of the patients commit suicide while going through the treatment. The continuous exposure to shocking incidents can seriously change a person’s perception. This is where the use of VR can create a huge difference. Creating a friendly atmosphere for the PSD patients by playing the audiovisual simulations will aid them to calm down and turn into happier moments. These patients often feel endangered or unsafe among the crowd. They often get terrified by sharp sounds or common things that trigger old memories. The audiovisual simulation will prepare a unique ambiance where they will feel extremely safe and secure. The alert brain will get time to rest and the medications will work properly.

Addressing ADHD and ADD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are mainly observed in young ones. These diseases can have serious consequences if not met with proper action. The biggest threat is the identification of the problem. if not done at the right time, it can aggravate.

These mental issues are seen random among the kids these days. Most of the schools are addressing this problem by utilizing the benefits of the audiovisual technique. This type of wellness program can ameliorate the condition of the trouble kids by incorporating this innovation.

A recent study suggested that after a 10-week program, there was a significant development in cases of the troubled kids. The concentration level increased whereas the inattentiveness reduced. The reaction time of the students also reduced making them focused and attentive in the class. In fact, the academic benefits were revealed after a series of test results.

The audiovisual wellness program can be particularly used in many other sectors. Google has installed sleeping pods amidst the main office where an employee can take a nap while running pleasant audios in the background. We can easily conclude that audiovisual wellness is surely going to change the dimension of wellness programs astronomically.

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