​Interesting Fitness Business Ideas

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
​Interesting Fitness Business Ideas
Amid a fierce competition and tussle in the business world, it has become very vital for healthcare brands to utilise not only best ideas but also interesting ideas to succeed.

The 9 to 5 job, which has tamed every individual, comprises of only desk job, where one is glued to the chair as well as the computer screen for good 4-5 hours duration at a stretch. This habit gradually form layer by layer of muffin tops on different parts of the body, which tends to make a person too lazy and leaves him/her too little time for exercise or working out. Unless one makes the process of working out interesting, people would not pull themselves together to pay money and come to you.

Amid a fierce competition and tussle in the business world, it has become very vital for healthcare brands to utilise not only best ideas but also interesting ideas to succeed.

In the Union Budget 2017-18, the overall health budget increased from INR 39,879 crore (US$ 5.96 billion) (1.97% of total Union Budget) to INR 48,878 crore (US$ 7.3 billion) (2.27% of total Union Budget).

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India has predicted that with increased digital adoption, the Indian healthcare market, which is worth around US$ 100 billion, will likely grow at a CAGR of 23 per cent to US$ 280 billion by 2020.

Here is the list of top fitness business ideas, which are in demand:

1. Start a Zumba class:

If you love to sway a little, hop a little or jump a little then you an open a Zumba class. Zumba has undeniably become the most widely recognized fitness brand in India.

Zumba is a popular brand, which just cannot be started like dance class but it runs as intensive training course, only then it will fulfill the desired requirements such as weight loss or cutting of fat and only then will it make itself a brand, under your name.

After the completion of first successful batch, the rest batches will just follow what they see in the first batch. So working on quality is important.

2. Be a Physiotherapist:

Physiotherapist is one profession, which is very much in demand right now, especially among the youth, middle aged and old people.

The middle ageds, who spend their entire day sitting at one position, are prone to back pain, muscle contraction, waist pain and neck pain, which open their door to the physiotherapist.

During old age, all the pains of joints and body start attacking one after another, this is when physiotherapists come into the picture.

This is the reason, why there is huge demand for physiotherapists in the country.

To be a physiotherapist all it takes is education and perseverance. One needs to earn a Bachelor's Degree in a health-related field, then one needs to complete one of a couple hundred accredited Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs- most of which last for three years and then finally one has to obtain the license, required to start it as career.

3. Start Fitness Blogging:

Fitness enthusiasts, who think they have important tips or who are expert in advising fitness mantras appropriate for some people, can take their passion to keyboards.

They can start fitness blogs and start their journey as fitness bloggers. There are people, who get really paid well for their flair in writing.

One might not get an instant success in this business but with time the fruits will be much sweeter and tastier, it is a job, which demands perseverance, hard work and a little research.

Try to find out topics, which are most read or most sought after, this will help you in narrowing down the relevant topics to work on.

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