Innovation – the Driving Force in Wellness, Fitness and Beauty

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Innovation – the Driving Force in Wellness, Fitness and Beauty
Technology and innovation have taken centre stage in pushing forward the wellness industry and have been the reasons of the great changes in it.

The industry of wellness, beauty and fitness is wide enough to support many brand names as well as trends that keep originating from time to time. Technology has always been a major force in uplifting the industry. Mixing innovation with wellness, fitness and beauty yields products which are effective for mankind. Human beings have always utilised technology to its best. They have created services and products which have brought alteration in their lives. The world runs on the wheels of innovation and technology and so is the case with the industry of wellness.

The Age of Internet
The Internet is such an innovation which has led human beings to step out of their shelves without really getting out of them. The creation of internet services has made our lives easier than it was before. Living in the 21st century means living in the age of the internet. All the businesses are now being run successfully because of this marvellous creation. The Internet has made the industry of wellness fitness and beauty evolve and grow. It has brought in positive changes which have helped and will be helping further for the industry to develop.

There are half a billion internet users. India has surpassed the US and has 400 million people on the internet. Out of that 300 million people use smart phones and the first taste of internet through it. An average smart phone user spends about 3.5 hours every single day on his smart phone, says Mr Swagat Sarangi, Co- founder, Smytten.

Workplace Wellness- the Concept Cutting Workplace Stress
The busy schedules and running round the clock have made lifestyles very faulty. No one seems to have any time to look after their physical well being. In times so stressful, workplace wellness comes out to be the concept we all require. There is always a shortage of time and in order to give proper time to health and wellness, the concept seems to show a lot of scope in it.

As an employer, one would want to reflect on the lifestyles of the employees. As the lifestyles become more sedentary, they become more unfit which leads to absenteeism. The productivity reduces which affects the company in more than one way and that is where the concept of workplace wellness steps in, says Mr Rohan Vyavaharkar, Deputy Managing Director, Stepathlon Lifestyle Ltd.

An App for Everything
Technology and innovations have changed the game plan for many industries. From doing all themselves to technology helping them out, everything has come a long way. The trend today is that every action has an app for itself. If you are jogging, you have an app to look after it. If you are dieting, you’ve got an app to keep a tab on it. If you want to nail the latest beauty style, there’s an app for it too. Basically, everything has got an app for itself. All this has been possible because of innovation in the field of beauty, fitness and wellness.

Online Content- The Rising Star
Online content has also added in the support needed by the brands in the beauty, fitness and wellness sector. The power of online content is more than one can expect to be. Nothing introduces a brand better than words and this has helped many to transform their brand name from nothing to the one everyone knows. Online content is not only about words and the matter that goes online but also videos that go online and brings in a strong base of consumers for many brands. It has become the latest way to reach out to people and also consumes less time as compared to other ways.

There is no doubt in admitting that technology has given the wellness industry a lot to venture into and explore. Brands in the wellness, beauty and fitness industry have received a lot of support to do a lot more than just producing products for the consumers. On the other hand, the consumers have also benefited from the innovations in the industry and the same has made their experiences pleasant and lives easier. 

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