Ingredients of high safety in a franchise biz

Ekta Sharma
Ekta Sharma Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Ingredients of high safety in a franchise biz
Today, many brands are taking keep interest in maintaining safety and caution in various sections of their business. Let’s talk about it at length..

Franchising is the most accepted business model to expand fast anywhere across the globe. Be it education, food, entertainment or any other sector, safety is of utmost importance in franchising too. When we talk of food franchising, apart from heavy research and competition analysis, there are numerous other factors that are of top most importance with regards to safety. We tell you all here...

When we practically talk about safety in food business, it starts with employees and staff workers too. For example if there is a bakery that produces tons of products each day for supply to different franchise outlets, it needs to take care of the baking techniques of its chefs and staff. A proper training is a must for the chefs before using the machinery. Most franchisors take care of this fact and arrange a weeks or months training before starting operations. Such tools should be provided that are safe enough to be used. Varun Chaudhary, Executive Director, CG Corp Global- Wai Wai city comments: ‘There are multiple checks and balances that are in place to ensure we don’t have any hiccups. This includes creating consistency in our product - our sauces are made in one central factory, and then sent to all units, and the noodles are also the standard delicious. Operations teams, training teams, and regional support are all in place too.’

Staying safe with investment
A franchisee before entering into a food business must know that one more important ingredient is investment. A very high Initial Investment can be required by most food joints to start off with. A franchisee can stay safe by preparing for it before hand and know about all the hidden costs too. Many a times franchisors do not disclose the hidden costs and franchisees have to bear with it later on. There can be a lot of investment in things like food preparation stations, gas, cleaning systems, electrical appliances, seating area, kitchen space, counter etc.

Stay safe with rules and regulations
Just like any other business, even a food business requires many licences and approvals. The government permissions can be required to start off any food business. One has to follow almost all the government guidelines. Most of the times, franchisors provide all the guidance and assistance to its franchisees in dealing with such issues, getting permits, permissions etc. A franchisee must be aware of such regulations and must discuss it with the franchisor freely before signing any deal.

Challenges too
With food franchise business, apart from keeping a check on the quality offered by the franchisee, a franchisor has numerous other aspects to look into with regards to food safety. Whereas the franchisee is also answerable for any loose ends or faults found at his franchise outlet. There is a lot of learning in whole process of food business. Right from acquiring licenses, permits and permissions to finding right partners to supply chain safety is required at each step. Chaitanya Kumar, CMD, The Chocolate Room says: ‘In our 10 years of franchise experience ingredient of safety has been most important. It has challenges also. The logistics should be very strong. Tie-up with a good logistic company across pan India must be done to send different types of ingredients. If we want to send chocolates and some of the frozen beads we send through Air cargo, with in a city if we want to send any ice creams or bakery items we use cold chain logistics. To send other non perishable items we use surface logistic methods.

Kumar further adds: ‘In the F&B industry the most important ingredients are keeping a regular check on the shelf life of products. We face lot of challenges in sending our ingredients across various cities, especially sending ceramic crockery. We have tried to overcome this by finding good packing methodologies. Another challenge that is faced across industry is sending chocolates without melting. This is also overcome to an extent by great cold chain partners.’

The truth is that just like any other business; food business also demands right ingredients of safety for smooth functioning. With long working hours, high investment, etc the trade can be bit challenging at the start but with hard work and determination, any business is bound to succeed. You need to hire the right staff with excellent skills and aptitude to work in a food franchise. 

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