Indian Women Entrepreneurs are Rocking Auto Industry

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Jan 11 2018 - 4 min read
Indian Women Entrepreneurs are Rocking Auto Industry
Automotive Industry is identified as a field, which demands muscle power, engineering knowledge and speed in mind.

Automobile is an industry which has always been dominated by men; it is often referred to as male-dominated empire.

Automotive Industry is identified as a field, which demands muscle power, engineering knowledge and speed in mind. But women these have broken he chains of patriarchy and have invaded the field which has long been ruled by men.

The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world. The industry accounts for 7.1 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Two Wheelers segment with 81 per cent market share is the leader of the Indian Automobile market owing to a growing middle class and a young population. Moreover, the growing interest of the companies in exploring the rural markets further aided the growth of the sector. The overall Passenger Vehicle (PV) segment has 13 per cent market share.

The sales of PVs, CVs and 2Ws grew by 9.17 per cent, 3.03 per cent and 8.29 per cent respectively, during the period April-January 2017.

Several initiatives by the Government of India and the major automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a leader in the 2W and Four Wheeler (4W) market in the world by 2020.

The emerging business opportunity in this sector has been one of the important driving forces for women to participate in this field.

Here are a few business fields, which the girl power has taken into hands and inspire all the aspiring startup owners and budding entrepreneurs to try their business skills in becoming the top player:


Women bikers, who have not only mastered the art of riding bikes but also they have turned their interest into business venture, leaving their mark in young girls’ mind and seeding ideas to make careers out of their skill, interest and will power.

There are biker groups, which have been recognized and appreciated in the country for displaying courage, smartness and skills in winning the game.

They are being flooded with investors and sponsors, whose banner they wear and spread all around, while they are biking. If this does not sound as interesting business platform to be on, then I do not know what does?

Driving Schools:

As the country’s population is growing in multiples every year, likewise vehicles are multiplying to meet the needs of the billions of people in India.

As men and women have started working and run the family together, it has become important for women to learn driving, which is why driving schools have become one of the most promising business ventures in recent years.

As women safety and security is in scrutiny, many entrepreneurs and startups are looking for opportunities in this field, what better opportunity one can suggest other than opening a women only driving school instructor academy or driving school alone.


Now even the cab service departments are hiring female drivers to assure safety of female customers.

Moreover all the big or small companies, who are ready to invest in safety for their female employees are looking out for female drivers or female only cab services available in the market.

Even government services, which run city buses, have started hiring female drivers, as male drivers are often found drunk or involved in second grade work. To top it all, those male drivers, who meet with accidents and lose their body parts, are replaced by their female counterparts to keep the job intact as well.

Vehicle Reviewers and Bloggers:

The online world has like forest fire engulfing all the viewers’ attention and focus, which is where vehicle bloggers and reviewers come into play.

Online world does not choose genders while going through the article, which helps him/her in coming out with a decision whether to buy or not to buy any particular automobile or its spare parts.

There are huge fan following of these renowned bloggers and reviewers, who earn more than one, can think of by just spilling their words. These bloggers and viewers are often get paid by big companies to review their product on their blogs, this is how girls are running their business smartly.

At the end of the day you are one, to pick between work ethics and money or to draw a balance between both.

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