Indian Trends in Nutrition & Wellness Industry in 2018

Shivam Hingorani
Shivam Hingorani Dec 19 2017 - 5 min read
Indian Trends in Nutrition & Wellness Industry in 2018
With the changing trends, customers can expect a lot of new things entering the nutrition and wellness industry in the coming year.

With evolving lifestyles that demand more of our bodies with each passing day, staying in shape, being fit and eating healthy has never been more important. 2017 has seen a massive focus on health and fitness, with consumers placing extra emphasis on making healthier choices. They are prioritizing physical and mental well-being over everything else.From wearable devices, technology, physical fitness and food and beverages; health and nutrition has been the focus for a number of industries catering to this growing need in the market.

Did you know that almost 33% people take a resolution to exercise more or lose weight every year.With 2018 just around the corner, here are a few trends that can be seen emerging in the coming year, providing businesses with a range of interesting opportunities to capitalize on.

Plant proteins make a mark
Animal products like meat, fish, eggs and milk are rich sources of protein. However, recent research has shown that a diet that contains too much animal protein can have a negative impact on our long-term health. It can increase levels of IGF1 in the body. IGF1 or Insulin-like growth factor is a hormone that aids in the growth of the human body, however, elevated levels in adults can be linked to chronic diseases such as cancer.

With an increase in people choosing high-protein diets, there is a growing awareness of the various types of protein sources and their benefits. As the risks of increased animal protein consumption come to light consumers are choosing to explore alternate sources of protein, such as plant-based protein.

Plant proteins can be consumed from a variety of sources and are also a powerhouse of other nutrients and a good supplement for vegetarians and vegans. Some of these also act as superfoods and help in weight loss and management. As more and more Indians become increasingly aware of what they are consuming, plant-based protein products are making a mark in the health and wellness industry.

Digital detox
Social media has taken over our lives. The constant urge to stay connected has become an addiction of sorts. Increased use of smartphones is one the leading causes of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. For most people, it is becoming increasingly difficult to resist the constant urge to check one’s phone, even at night. Whatsapp messages, Snapchat pings and Instagram notifications are forever keeping curiosity on its toes. The “fear of missing out” is actually making people miss out on real life.People are now realizing the power of ‘disconnect to reconnect’. They are becoming aware of how social media is impacting their quality life on multiple levels. 2018 might just be the year we see consumers taking a step back from social media. They will try to enjoy the company of people present around them rather than those connected through a virtual platform. A ‘digital detox’ even if for a day or two, is a trend we see catching on like wildfire among the youth who use the opportunity to recharge the mind and the soul.

The power of black
2017 has seen an increase of “Instagram-worthy” images of black food all over the internet. Activated charcoal is gaining popularity in most countries as a common food ingredient. Everything, from ice-cream to pizza crusts has seen this ingredient paving its way into mainstream food. It is just not a fad, but a trend that is still growing and catching on among people at large. Not only does activated charcoal help our body detox, it also reduces gas and keeps a check on cholesterol amongst the myriad benefits that it offers. As of today, the trend has only just entered the Indian consciousness and 2018 is expected to be the year of activated charcoal in the country.

Salt therapy
Another trend that is expected to hit the wellness storm in 2018 is ‘halotherapy’ or ‘salt therapy’. This unique therapy involves inhaling salty air, which cleanses both the airways as well as skin to reduce congestion and inflammation. Salt levels in the body regulate our cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. Breathing in particles of salt can calm and detoxify the immune and nervous systems while relieving stress and headaches and mitigating insomnia. Salt therapy spas are a hit around the world and 2018 looks to be the year that this trend takes the country by storm.

Health DNA testing
A growing fascination with ancestry has led to a boom in DNA testing. It has now become a trend in the fitness and wellness industry. Each person’s genes are different and will respond accordingly to food and exercise. The global consumer genetic testing market was worth $70m (£53m) in 2015 and is expected to rise to $340m (£261m) by 2022.There has been an increase in the number of spas and retreats that now offer DNA analysis and consultations. DNA testing allows customized fitness plans, diet routine and lifestyle choices for each individual, which creates opportunities for the industry to offer extremely customized plans to customers.

Acro yoga
What’s better than one specific type of exercise routine? One that brings consumers the best of two worlds. Acro yoga is a one of a kind workout that combines acrobatics with yoga. It strengthens the body and relaxes the mind. It is a partner based workout and aims at cultivating stronger connection and trust between partners. It’s fun and meditative at the same time. 2018 will see this becoming more and more popular as Indians are beginning to seek relief and balance in their already stressful lives.

This article has been authored by Shivam Hingorani, Founder, Ace Blend. 

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