Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Improving Student Learning Outcomes
“If you do not focus on building the leaders, and setting up the institutional framework to ensure not just to build the teacher but the leader as well, it’s difficult to achieve what we are trying to achieve”- Mr. Manmohan Singh

At the context of public Education System, today, the parameter of measurement is based on the current expectation we have from the system, which is around Learning. Initially, the system was designed for schooling and not for Learning. 

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Singh, we came across the Educational scenario prevailing in the government schools where there is a dire need of change for they are still lagging way behind in the race.

Throw some light on the Learning Outcome and  the role they play in the Education scenario?

Going by my story, I was born in a farmer family, studied under a tree with 300 kids, and walked 4 kilometers one way every day for my middle school. And when I had my sense of number, I looked at what happened to those 300 kids. Today, not even 2% of my classmates are able to earn their livelihood. A large percentage of them are struggling every day. And this is the reason why we need to look at the public school system in our country which serves the large population of the country.

So, Learning Outcome is indeed important and to my belief , In the current public school system scenario, one of the biggest gap that we found is who would head the Institution has never been thought throughout. So, the needed attention for leadership in the public schools was not provided. So, what is needed is to create an Institution around Leadership in Education who can become thought leaders. We need to ensure a leader in the education space to ensure an outcome for the same.

What do you think regarding the integration of schools in a community?

So, you know today if we look at, a school needs to be a part of the community. But going by the current scenario, a school is seen to be in an isolation stage. So the urgent need is for a transition from Government schools, to Village schools to my school. If we do this through the engagement of parents and taking the school in the community through various activities and bringing community knowledge.

For example, Currently in Rajasthan, we are doing ‘Bal Sabha’, which is done within the community, along with the Sarpanch and the community members coming together. There is an environment of different people sharing their own experiences. It means to integrate and make school a part of the community.

What do you mean when you say ‘Bringing joy to Education’?

We, at Kaivalya Education Foundation firmly believe that all human beings are by birth, well intended people. It is the situations and the circumstances that lead to the change. So our learning is that, whatever we do inside the Education system, we should ensure that people find a meaning and a proper learning in what they are doing.

So it comes back to the question that whether I am at joy in the classroom in whatever I am doing or you are just doing it a s a regular job. And ultimately, are you proud in what you are doing?

So if you are able to ensure learning, meaning and joy and pride in Training or recruitment, then I think the Leaning Outcome’ which we are talking about will be achieved. 

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