Importance of Starting a Business with Healthy Mind

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 16 2018 - 4 min read
Importance of Starting a Business with Healthy Mind
The constant bombardment of pending work worries, getting cold feet before meeting an investor, crisis at the workplace or failing to meet targets, start taking a toll on mental health.


Starting a business depends mainly on the startup owner’s or entrepreneur’s state of seriousness and his/her passion for their work.

Other than the factors such as money, raw material, proper location and target customers, what is more important is the mental health of the entrepreneur.

The constant bombardment of pending work, getting cold feet before meeting an investor, crisis at the workplace or failing to meet targets, start taking a toll on mental health, which is why businessmen fail to get healthy sleep hours, resulting in hypertension, inviting heart diseases etc.

On world sleep day, let the entrepreneurs and startup owners know the benefits of good sleep for their business:

Breaking the myth bubble:

Entrepreneurs and businessmen tend to think that they can use their night time for their extra work, which is meant for resting and sleeping.

A study says that sleep hours are meant to repair the damaged the brain cells and in segregating the thoughts, as well as making space for memory. Even if one is not sleeping at the required hours, his/her system gets slower during night time.

So, if the businessmen think they can do more work during night time while avoiding sleeping then they are living in a myth, rather than overburdening their brain cells they should sleep and let the natural process go.

Improves Concentration:

For starting a business a businessman has to concentrate on several things at a time while dodging problems, they have to think of alternatives, hiring people, talking to investors and working on the product, all at the same time. There are chances of committing more mistakes when there is too much workload on the brain cells without proper sleep or rest.

A study reveals that if you skip your body’s resting hour and push it hard to function non-stop then the brain activity slows down resulting in poor concentration and hallucinations.

Maximises Performances and Productivity:

We are surrounded by technology, which time and again interrupts our activity. Businessmen tend to check the movement of market and shares on cell phones or laptops especially during night time when they retire for the day. These activities initially thought to spend minutes sometime extend for long hours which disturb the body’s natural sleep cycle.

A good uninterrupted sleep will help in concentrating well on the work and pump your energy up. Sleep hours store energy for the next day’s work, which is why businessmen looking forward to maximizing their performances and productivity should have a healthy long hour of sleep.

Keep Diseases at bay:

Only a healthy mind can work doubly hard and see his/her business touching new heights every single day.

A study says that sleep deprivation or those who do not sleep enough are likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can develop even in skinny people; this disease can lead to strokes, amputation and organ damages.

Thus to keep your business skyrocketing and mind healthy, try to get a good sleep, which should not exceed 7-9 hours and neither should it be less than that.

Keeps the right mood:

Sleep deprivation can make you cranky, which will create a very negative impression on your staff as well as the client. You are likely to hamper your reputation beyond repair, which will affect negatively on your business as well.

A research-based study has mentioned that “We found that mood is more affected by sleep deprivation than either cognitive or motor performance and that partial sleep deprivation has a more profound effect on functioning than either long-term or short-term sleep deprivation.”

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