Importance of Distance Learning In Today’s Education Ecosystem

Vinay Agrawal
Vinay Agrawal Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
Importance of Distance Learning In Today’s Education Ecosystem
Distance learning has become a popular tool for the new age working professionals, as they strive to juggle with copious chores and manage their time.

Distance learning is a resourceful substitute of traditional learning and why not? It is comparatively flexible. Unlike a contemporary education setting, distance learning offers students the freedom of pursuing higher education regardless of their age, geographical location, etc. In the times of digitisation, where the world is getting on the internet, the education sector has majorly flourished as a result of this progression. Students remain abreast with what takes place around them, particularly in the educational arena when they enroll for distance learning.

Why there is a growing demand for distance learning?
Distance learning has become a popular tool for the new age working professionals. Individuals who believe in multitasking have a huge to do list. They strive to juggle with copious chores and manage their time. Distance learning is a wise investment when it comes to saving your valuable time and yet gaining the desired skills and knowledge pertaining to your workforce. Distance learning offers study programs that would not be available to the students locally. Moreover, it is feasible and adds a profound credibility to your educational prodigy. Distance learning involves a varied range of teaching techniques which makes it engaging, intense and student-centric. The panels of faculty members come from various backgrounds, thus imparting internationally acclaimed and approved knowledge to the pupils. Distance learning cuts down the cost of travel and books, which gives aspirants yet another reason to enroll for the same. Wherein classroom education in restricted to the students who are present at that moment, distance learning has a free-flowing reach and can be accessed by anyone, even by those belonging to the remotest corners of the globe. Candidates can effectively maintain a balance between their work, education and other responsibilities. In a regular learning environment, students do not have the flexibility to choose subjects, but are obligated with a fixed set of topics. Distance learning enables applicants to choose from a comprehensive assortment of tailor-made programs that interest them and best suits their aptitudes.

Although there are many alternatives devised for imparting education, distance learning is the most favorable one amongst all. It cannot be considered an ideal learning management tool for each one of us, but distance learning is certainly associated with enormous benefits. Not just in India, but also in countries across the globe, distance learning is hugely in demand. It is an economically beneficial mechanism in this era where education is been commercialised. In no time the digital market has grown extensively and in the midst of everything that surrounds it, distance learning has indisputably seized the glare of people. Distance learning is bliss for those who are always in need to learn new things, in spite of their hectic lifestyle. In the coming years, the educational sector is assumed to go under a drastic makeover. The time is near where actual classrooms will be interchanged with virtual classrooms. What makes distance learning stand out is the unique blend of audio-visual utility that it offers to the students.

The education received in distance learning is more or less similar to that of regular learning. The only plus point here is the elimination of travel. There are no prerequisites involved apart from having an internet connection and a system through which you can access your distance learning coursework. Students who have a hard time making friends or proposing interactions can turn towards distance learning as there is minimal interaction involved. All the correspondence between the faculty and the students either take place through emails or text messages. At times, video calling may also be required. Saving money and time along with gaining desired industry insights has never been so easy. Indian students have shown a massive interest in distance learning to stay ahead in their field of expertise. People wish to keep tab of every aspect in life that occurs around them. However, to gain experience and to gain knowledge simultaneously is a rather daunting consignment. All praises to distance learning, you can now cope with all of these without letting one thing affect the other. The regular classroom setup is predefined and allows limited access to resources which is not the case with distance learning that delivers a more dynamic structure.

The world acknowledges management graduates. This belief has fueled the need of institutes providing online distance learning job oriented programs. In this tremendously competitive world, time is a major constraint in order to acquire innovative capacities. Students find distance learning more convenient than the exhaustive traditional learning methods. Studies have shown that amidst all the online distance learning programs offered by institutes, MBA is the most preferred choice for aspirants. An MBA degree ensures a promising career, a highly paid job and adds a stellar reputation to the individual’s persona. It would not be wrong if we say that investing in distance learning, particularly in an MBA program will be directly proportional to the returns after successfully completing the course. An honorable degree like MBA when earned from a renowned educational body can add tons of credibility to your resume and make you stand out among your competitors.

This article has been authored by Vinay Agrawal, PhD, LLB, Chancellor at ISBM University.

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