Impact of Career Counseling: Preparing the Youth for The Future

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Impact of Career Counseling: Preparing the Youth for The Future
"Counseling is as important as teaching Math, English or Physics. It has a significant and profound impact over many years in the life of young people”- Ganesh Kohli

Career Counseling provides the light on a dimly lit journey into an unknown, but exciting future. Individuals who receive career interventions are generally able to negotiate career development tasks with greater ease and effectiveness, which is particularly important in the current climate when people often have to retrain and retool for work. Growing evidence exists supporting the usefulness of career development interventions in promoting school engagement among students in high school, which is a major contributor in helping students to gain 21st century skills.

"Indian students have not been able to gain preference in comparison to the overseas students due to lack of exposure and right counseling at the right age. We really need to step up the counseling practices in India to help them gain the desired position in the international markets”, said Ganesh Kohli, the Chair of IC3 Conference 2017

Being a teacher and a college counselor for many years, Mr. Ganesh Kohli considers himself to very fortunate in serving as the Chair of the IC3 Conference.

In an exclusive Interview at the IC3 Conference, Mr. Ganesh Kohli talks about the importance of making decisions in the course of study and eventually making the right career choices.

IC3 Conference 2017 holds the agenda regarding career Counseling and its impact on the lives of young people. In your opinion, what has Counseling to do with Recruitment? Do they go hand in hand by any chance?

Well, Counseling is really about advising young people and specifically talking about Career & College Counseling, it is important to advise young people to help them in making right decisions. And these decisions relate to what they choose to study, where they choose to study and how they choose to study. Recruitment of students by universities can take an approach of engagement which is counseling oriented and have student recruitment happen as a by-product.

So, a university admissions professional can be very effective at recruiting students if he/she takes a counseling oriented approach.

What are the responses and after effects observed from the parent’s point of view at the time of counseling?

Generally the response is very positive. They appreciate the guidance that they receive. It is in the structured piece in most schools and whatever help they can get from somebody who has a prior knowledge regarding careers and colleges, is well appreciated by the students and the parents.

What scope does Counseling actually hold in the Education sector particularly talking about students, during the time of admissions process?

Counseling plays a major role in the happiness quotient of people. If you end up making wrong decisions and end up studying at a place which is not the right place for you, you are bound to be unhappier with time. So, Counseling has a huge role and as I always say, ‘Counseling is as important as teaching Math, English or Physics. It is significant and has a profound impact over many years in the life of young people. 

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