I Believe in Whatever Works for People, Should Firstly Work Well on Me- Revati Dighe

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 6 min read
I Believe in Whatever Works for People, Should Firstly Work Well on Me- Revati Dighe
The mental peace and calmness that sound therapy ensures are being embraced by many people nowadays.

The power of sound therapy is being felt a lot recently with many brands coming up with the same services. In a conversation with Ms Revati Dighe, Founder and CEO, Sound Solutions India, for Wellness India, we discuss the benefits of sound therapy, the over usage of the word Yoga and the topic of corporate wellness.

What was the idea behind the conceptualization of Sound Solutions India?

My passion for people development led me to conceptualize Sound Solutions India. We are living beings with goals and desires. So challenges or problems are bound to happen. Whatever the reason be, it’s important to focus on finding solutions.

The focus has been on people all along and finding the right solutions for them. Everything we need is within us. All that is needed is to help them tap into their resources. Also, that there is a cause side to things that happen to us and then there is an effect side. Often, we get stressed and are on the effects side of the things. So, when one gets into the problem[1]-solving mode and finds solutions, the person moves on to the cause side of life and from there on, becomes the creator of everything that happens in their life ahead.

Kindly let us know something about your entrepreneurial journey.

After over 14 years of corporate experience in human resources, I decided to delve deeper into people development to answer my heart’s calling. I moved out of my corporate job to facilitate people in their life’s journey. I now work with people from diverse backgrounds to develop, grow and build resources to live wholesomely. For me in a lot of ways, it was starting a new, yet not completely new as there has been a lot of in-depth understanding of people. Putting aside the expectations, the set ways of doing things, I had to really keep everything aside and be completely open to the whole experience of learning. I underwent a lot of training to face what was to come ahead, the new modalities, things which I implement and use.

In all this, self- practice was important because whatever I believe works for people, the solutions I find for them should first work well on me, to begin with. It was interesting to completely start fresh wiping off everything that I had learned earlier and started with a clean slate. It’s more like a challenge where you have to keep ideating and you have to find opportunities for yourself that are completely out of the box.

What all services does your brand provide to the customers?

We provide services to people a lot under the area of mental, emotional, physical and psychological wellness. We do a lot of one on one or group life coaching and counselling sessions with people and work with corporates in the area of stress relief and as well as engaging them. We conduct workshops for people with the core perspective to find out solutions for them. We use a lot of problems solving modalities with people. We help people work through the layers of their mind one at a time and go to the root of the issue to find a solution from within. We do counselling sessions for the people in the area of emotional, mental and psychological wellness. Sometimes, there are some physical things also that bother people, so we work on that as well. Under the area of corporate wellness, we target a lot of stress release and emotional empowerment which is the need of the hour today. It helps build confidence and improves productivity leading to growth overall in life.

How important is mental health over other health concerns?

Mental health is vital because you end being your mind. You manifest what is in your mind. How healthy we are in our mind dictates how healthy we live. Stress is the cause behind the majority of illness. It is equally important as regards to the other health concerns. When we are growing up, there are so many things that we observe and learn especially our parents, the society, the education system etc. which all contributes to the way we think. Hence it is also important to look at these aspects.

With so many variations coming in Yoga (Hot Yoga, Beer Yoga, Acroyoga), what are your views about the future of it?

There are so many different systems of yoga that have come up. Yoga is a word that has been used and abused because some people do not understand what yoga is all about. It has become easy for people to associate things under the banner of Yoga because it is something which is becoming very popular, not just in our country but in the West as well. So, it has become very convenient for people to use the tag line of Yoga and start doing something or the other which may or may not be totally connected with yoga. Yoga is a science which is thousands of years old because of it is a philosophy as well as a science. It is such a deep understanding of the human mind which is why it has stood the test of time. It's the only time that will tell as to for how long these fads will continue. Trends will come and go but it is only pure gold, which is Yoga that people will go back to.

How does sound therapy ensure the complete wellness of mind, body and soul?

Sound therapy is basically something which has the root called Nada Yoga, about which has been mentioned in our scriptures. We are all made of frequencies and vibrations. Problems happen when we go out of tune with our natural frequencies. Sound therapy helps to restore the internal balance, increase our capacity to heal our own body, insomnia, pain management, stress release, mental clarity, peace and calmness. It’s wonderful to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

For example, when we work with sound therapy and the instruments like the bowls or voice chants, there is a substantial cessation of the activities of the mind. With the help of sound, it is easier for a person to completely relax and let go of the thoughts. So, when the frequency of thoughts will be very high for a person, with the sound it is easier to reduce that frequency. Once the frequency reduces with constant practice, it becomes easier to retain that for a longer period of time. This is again working at a very deep mental, emotional, psychological and physical level. Sounds are vibrations and these vibrations touch you at a deep cellular level.

Any expansion plans for the brand to look forward to?

There is a lot of work ahead now and I believe we have just started off. It is a small team right now and I hope very soon we will be expanding. We should be able to give our services PAN India and probably across countries as well. 

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