How Use of Robotics Can Benefit Business

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 29 2018 - 3 min read
How Use of Robotics Can Benefit Business
India has already opened its arms to welcome all the technological and digital transformations taking place in various sectors.


Remember the time when we were fascinated by the idea of using a machine, which will do our work on our command, was first seen on television. Gradually it took shape of robots and now it is being used in almost every business yet not many people are still aware of its usage in business but outside India, it is a common phenomenon.

India has already opened its arms to welcome all the technological and digital transformations taking place in various sectors.

Here we will point out where the robotic technology has scope to enter and where it has already marched in:

Education Business:

Though India is not yet ready to accept robots as teachers it can help the teacher in elaborating things easily. From experimenting in labs to solving difficult formulaic problems, robots can be of great help.

If not in schools or colleges but in skill development centers, where the industrial training are given to students, robots can help in paying attention and helping students learn about technical nitty-gritty while dealing with machines, keeping safety in mind.

Medical Business:

It is agreed that robots cannot feel the human pain and emotion especially of humans but can be of help in performing precise operations. Accuracy is the strong point of robots, which is why surgeons can take help of robots in performing difficult operations.

The best thing about robots is that while doing the labor job, they won’t tire or take a break like humans, so they can function throughout the day and night with regular maintenance of course. The percentage of error will reduce but the investment might cost a little more.

Restaurant Business:

While placing orders, serving food and cleaning the tables, the robot can function perfectly but due to the cost of the robots, only high-end restaurants can afford to make that huge of an investment.

In abroad, restaurants are using the robots to deliver food to homes through drones and which is a great change India can adopt, if not now but in future. Leaving the chef to prepare dishes, a robot can do other things such as chopping, receiving customers at the gate to directing them to their table.

Retail Business:

Retail stores are usually huge and accommodate many small businesses under one floor. The supermarkets can use robots in segregating the items and placing them orderly on shelves. Moreover, in transporting heavy machines from places to places to cleaning the floors, robots can be of great help in the retail sector.

Even in packaging, the products for e-commerce companies and delivering the products at the doorstep of the customers can be done with the help of robots.

Other Businesses:

In other businesses such as aeronautical spaces, heavyweight products manufacturing, and lifting, robots are the only options to get fine precision in the product.

Machines can be a good servant but bad master, which is why we should keep them tamed and get the difficult jobs done. Humans are capable of doing everything but there are certain things which can be performed easily and with precision, which is where we need automation and invasion of technology.

It is an expensive investment for small scale to medium scale companies but is a good deal for heavy weight products producing companies.

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