​How to Start a Spa Business at Home

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
​How to Start a Spa Business at Home
Most of the tourism cities attract health tourists who belong from other continents. On the other hand, the number of Indian spa customers also impresses the existing brands.

The spa is probably the most promising part of the wellness industry in India which is about to reach the level of Rs.11000 Crore by the end of the year 2020. The industry is expanding at a tremendous pace of 25-30% every year.

Every day the industry is surpassing its previous figure with phenomenal growth. The reason behind the outburst of such a promising industry in the Indian wellness platform is because of the growth in the number of spas and customers proportionately. Most of the tourism cities attract health tourists who belong from other continents. On the other hand, the number of Indian spa customers also impresses the existing brands.

Another reason behind the increasing demand of spas, salons, and massage parlours is the increase in economy. The urban population is getting more and more concerned about their health. The increase in stress and pressure is leading the mass to the centres where relaxation and rejuvenation are offered at great prices. The immense growth in the business in noted because of the escalation of the disposable income of the professionals. The weekends are full in the spa centres due to the flocking of the professionals.

Starting a spa business at home

The idea of spa encircles the concept of resorts, health destinations, cruise ships, mineral springs, etc but know the platform is expanded and one can easily afford to open a spa at his or her own space.

The business includes facials, aroma therapy, massages, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, hydrotherapy, and many other features. These exotic practices can be conveniently included in a limited space with a moderate budget with the aid of various franchising brands in India. In fact, if the budget is less then you can easily do a small research to initiate the plan by hiring professional experts.

The steps to open a spa at home are mentioned below.

Pay attention to the local competition

Before indulging in opening a spa venue, you need to learn about the competition. The number of entries in the local market and their infrastructure should be well-understood. The homework will make your path easier as you will achieve a clear-cut idea of the resources and arrangements needed to kick start a spa business. The research can be done very effectively if you visit the parlors and take a session for yourself. Learn deeply about the points that are satisfying you or repelling you.

Choose what you want to offer

After doing a proper research, all you have to do is to find out what you want to cater to the target. From space to infrastructure, everything will be depending on this first and prime factor. If you come up with a figure, just add some more space so that the business can be increased in the future or some other services can be incorporated at ease. You already have your location. Try to make your venue attractive and sensational to the crowd so that the new things can attract more footsteps. Renovate and upscale the space to impress the customers.


A simple paper ad will do the trick of attracting a number of candidates. Judge their resume by going through the experience column twice. Try to analyze their efficiency by taking trials. It is the workforce that will carry your legacy forward.


Arrange equipment as per your need and start training the employees regarding the service you want to cater to your target market.

Promotional methods

Choose the best promotional methods that will put your home spa business into motion. Leaflets, offers, newspaper ads, displays, free spa, online integration with mobile apps, etc will be very helpful.

If you do not have the expertise to collect the entire infrastructure alone then just by securing a space and asking for a franchise will do the trick. Aroma Thai Spa, Spa Palace, Seven Seas Spa, Leisure Spa, Zazen Spa, etc are the lucrative brands you are looking for. The executives of these brands will arrange almost everything to set up a spa franchise at your home. The amount of investment might vary from Rs.25 Lakh to Rs.2 Crore as per the requirements. Start your own spa business and venture to become an independent business person. 

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