How to optimize your salon business during monsoons?

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Guest Author Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
How to optimize your salon business during monsoons?
If you’re a salon owner, it is essential to offer much improved services during monsoons. Permanent Make-up Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Gunjan Gaur shares tips to beat monsoon woes in salon business.

Monsoons not only bring a respite from heat, but it also brings the fear of infections and allergies with it. This makes us responsible to maintain adequate hygiene, not just of our bodies, but of our external atmosphere, specially the workplace as well. Especially, in salon industry, hygiene plays a pivotal role in ensuring re-visit of the consumers.

Here are some impactful tips from the industry expert to beat the monsoon woes and offer much improved services to the clients.

Dirt Alert: Even before the service, a client analyzes the sanity of the area she’s going to take her services at. Thus, ensure to keep the salon surroundings clean and dust-free. As we know it’s all watery and muddy outside, keeping 2-3 floor mats makes a lot sense to ban the dirt coming in through footwear. Apart from the regular mopping sessions – the housekeeping should be advised on a dirt-alert always so that more are more clients wishing to visit your sanity-filled salon.

Staff hygiene & salon ambiance:  The staff should be advised to maintain adequate personal hygiene by keeping themselves clean by wearing clean and dry uniforms. In fact they should be given an extra uniform for emergency-wet situations. While not just depending upon room-fresheners; aromatherapy candles can be lit too keep freshness and fragrance keep coming in. You may keep anti-fungal tablets at random places, which may absorb environmental bacteria from your salon to keep the atmosphere fresh and clean.

Client cleanliness: Every beauty service should be just treated like a medical service during downpour. Wherein, towels should be swapped with tissues, regular articles like gowns, spatulas, knives, panties, masks etc,. should be replaced by throw-away substitutes to keep the transfer of infections and allergies at bay. Staff can be advised to perform their services like threading and facials only after wearing a disposable mask as they might catch cold, cough or other seasonal ailments. Monsoon germs could easily relocate to client and staff mutually, thus, keeping these kind of hygiene practices might cause severe issues with the clients. In fact, during any pedicure session, we can ask to be extra cautious by keep the tools like, cuticle-remover or filer clean with an astringent in between the services and to maintain and sanitize the tools by sterilizing them often. Best is to leave such tools dipped in sterilizer to make them use-ready and germ-free the next morning.

Monsoon-exclusive services: To keep the gloominess of cloudburst season away and let clients cherish the rains, one must introduce fresh and monsoon-friendly services. Like, tea tree pedicure which is anti-fungal in nature and can keep monsoon-borne foot allergies at bay! Another instance is anti-tan facial using ingredients like aloe-vera or watermelon. This will boost the clients’ mood after a long summer and get her ready to throw away the tanning happened all over the hot-days.

We’re sure following all the above tactics is sure to keep your salon’s sanity maintained and ensure revisit of your client; not only during monsoons, but all-the-year-round.








This article is written by Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Make-up Expert and Executive Director, ALPS Beauty Clinics

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