How to Make your Spa Business Stand Out

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
How to Make your Spa Business Stand Out
In the overcrowded market of various spas, one needs to know how to outshine others.

In the wellness market, there is no dearth of spas. With so many options available for the clients to choose from, it really becomes hard for the brands to acquire a solid customer base. Every spa brand offers the same services with the same products. There might be a little different in the way they get on with their services and also the price packages but the rest of the things are same. There has become a repetition in the spa business and brands do find it hard to chalk out a solution in order to establish a difference between there and the various other spa brands available in the market.

There are two ways by which a spa can outshine other brands:

  • Paid Options
  • Unpaid Options

Paid Options
A spa definitely needs to invest in a lot of money to establish it and make it run as a brand. Not all paid options are super expensive and when applied in a smart way, they can cover up all the costs incurred in no time.

  • SEM

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is a very good option among the paid ones. Search engines let the brand bid on the relevant keywords to their business. SEM is also known as paid search and when it is done successfully, the brand sees higher rankings across online searches.

  • Website

Websites have become the gateway to your spa brand. Every brand in the spa business has a website and it has become important to have one. Many brands have connected with the required target market just because of their well-designed website. Certain points need to be kept in mind while putting up the options on the website for the convenience of the customers.

  • Advertisements and Listings

Advertisements have always been the main option to get noticed among the various other options that have come in the eyes of the brands. Catchy and well-formulated advertisements have helped a big deal in gathering prospective customers for a business. Online listings are also one of the paid options which let a brand get noticed online when searched for services related to them.

Unpaid Options
Unpaid options cover those areas which can be tackled without involving money but with efforts and dedication. After making use of the paid services, the brand can go forward with the option that they need to steer in the right direction in order to establish them.

  • Referral Programmes

Referral programmes or reward programmes, as they are called, are the rewards to the loyal customers. If the brand has a loyal customer base, discounts and attractive offers can be given to them to avail. This will not just make them happy but will also keep them with the brands for a longer duration.

  • Product Loyalty

A brand can do really well if they plan to stick to some particular beauty brands. Some customers are brand loyal and prefer beauty products from the specific brands. A spa brand can bring in products from the brands which have high demand and consumer base which will surely ensure the formation of a solid customer base of the spa.

  • Social Media

Social media is the best way to connect with potential customers and also to establish a name of the brand in the market. Various spa businesses have their own social media pages through which they interact with the people and develop a bond which can take their business a long way.

  • Digital Records

Maintaining digital records have become a need in order to keep the business moving. Digital records help a brand to keep records of their customers as to what they like and what they expect from them. The needs of the customers are increasing and in order to provide them with tailored experiences, digital records help a lot.

Expert Speak
Majority of the money is spent on experience but the differentiators are the small things. Customers want the experience but they require a lot more things to be happy now. Customer needs are evolving rapidly and in order to match with them, maintaining digital data records is necessary, says Vishal Sharma, Managing Director, Everstone Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

From the business perspective for the beginners, you need to do a market analysis, industry analysis, consumer behaviour analysis etc. The consumer must talk about your wow factor and should get his needs fulfilled. You need to have a soul in your team. Above all, you need a mentor to guide you through. Networking and synchronizing is also very important, says Norliza Othman, President, Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA), Malaysia.

Competing with so many brands in the spa business is not easy and it all sums up to how you plan to stand out from others. Outshining other brands in every business does involve a lot from the side of the brand. There are ways that involve money and then there are some which require only efforts and planning. It completely depends on the brand how smoothly and smartly they execute their plan to outshine other brands in the spa business. 

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