How to create social media buzz for your fitness and wellness brand

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Dec 07 2018 - 3 min read
How to create social media buzz for your fitness and wellness brand
Wellness and fitness are the most absorbed content in the online world; a lot of factors are attached to it so chose what suits your business model.

The Social Media Buzz

Social media is crowded with a lot of websites, pushing their contents on daily basis, over-lapping each other to please the audience first. If used wisely, social media can create a brand or let it sink. Unless and until there is a concrete plan and the right people hired, the visibility of the wellness or fitness brand can get affected.

Content about wellness and fitness are the some of the most consumed in the online world; a lot of factors are attached to it so it’ll be a good idea to choose what suits your business model best.

To create a buzz in the social media about your wellness and fitness brand, there are five important points to keep in mind.

Figuring out the right platform

There are a lot of platforms where different kinds of content are being circulated, so figuring out the right platforms that work in your favor and sticking to it, and not using each and every medium to create a buzz is the key point.

Some fitness brands prefer promoting articles, which might be in your favor if you have a content writer with you, but if your content needs a video or animations to be shown, the impact of “before & after result” will be different.

Generating relevant Content for Target Audience

In an era of smartphones and Google, most of the content is absorbed online, hence if you do not prioritize who are you targeting, you won’t be able to make content for them.

For example, the youth wants to be fit and wants to follow a certain kind of diet, which might not suit the middle-aged group or an older group. Therefore, one needs to select the target group and decide what an individual wellness or fitness brand wants to convey and to whom. Generate relevant, relatable and topical content to reach out to your target group more efficiently.

Right influencers

Celebrities and sportsperson are the biggest influencers for wellness and fitness products or brands. The youth follows and idolizes them, which is why collaborating with right influencers will work well for your brand.

ShivamKataria, VP, Lotto says, “Before deciding the collaboration with any celebrity or public figure, make sure your brand has its own value so that the celebrity’s influence work in the favor of your brand and not overshadow it.”

Working closely with the right influencers that have the same approach as your brand’s and creating a strong community base is very essential for a brand’s growth.

Focusing on creating more of visual content in the form of videos and info graphics

Reports state that visual content is more effective than any other form of content, hence one needs to ensure that the target audience should be fed with the right format of visual content regularly. The reason for being regular and consistent with the visual content after regular intervals is because memory of the audience is short and people tend to forget a brand quickly if they are not fed regularly and other brands also start taking your place.

Update the audience with your regular dose of achievements, developments and try to start a discussion where they can participate. The engagement level needs to be high so that the audience slowly converts into brand loyalists.

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