How the Term ‘Holistic’ is catching up with the Wellness Industry?

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Mar 24 2018 - 5 min read
How the Term ‘Holistic’ is catching up with the Wellness Industry?
Many segments in the wellness industry are exploring the meaning of holistic by becoming a part of it.

If you are a part of the wellness industry, you would definitely know how much the term holistic is being used these days. Every other brand is coming up with something new, not missing to attach this trendy term with it. Opportunities in the wellness industries are huge and people are leaving no stone unturned from grabbing and making the best use of them. As new segments open each day in the industry, entrepreneurs are getting a fair chance of exploring more of the wellness market and new innovations are a result of it.

The Concept
There are so many branches arising in the wellness industry out of a single word- Holistic. The whole concept of holistic wellness is healing the body, mind and soul and achieving contentment, health and happiness which is the soul food. There are many processes nowadays that involve all the three elements but the most important part of attaining holistic wellness is interconnectivity. Without which, nothing can produce the required results. Many centres that mainly focus on the concept of holistic wellness are doing a good business as more and more people are unleashing the need to know themselves better and in a new light. It’s not just Holistic Wellness that is making ripples in the industry but various other versions like Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Fitness etc are also getting good attention from the consumers.

Elements of Holistic Wellness
In order to join the dots to reach Holistic Wellness, one needs to connect these seven elements of wellness:








By attaining a perfect balance within these elements, one can truly understand and reach holistic wellness.

Indian Approach to Holistic Wellness
India is a developing economy. As more and more business and companies are opening up every now and then, the need for human resource is high and so is the level of stress. People are not being able to strike a balance between their work and personal life which is taking a toll on many. In such times, holistic wellness seems to be a good idea to let all the negativity wash away. Many big firms are also indulging their employees into corporate wellness and are pondering over the fact of introducing holistic wellness for their betterment. The need for wellness is growing and holistic centres are proving to be an amazing business opportunity.

Is Franchising an Option?
Holistic Wellness is a rising segment and also looks like a bright opportunity to start a business into. While many brands and entrepreneurs are still figuring out the main industries, venturing into something that is deep, fresh and challenging is a unique factor on its own. Franchising seems to be an ideal option for this segment .

Expert Speak
“Well, you can look at holistic with a W, so 'W'holistic fitness, which would mean incorporating the whole human being, the body, mind and spirit, in essence, Holistic Wellness should incorporate emotional, psycho-spiritual along with physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga today is one of the greatest modalities and will continue to grow as the demand for realistic mind and spirit needs are met. Going hard or going home was a massive trend sometime back, but that is evolving as more and more people want a mix of hard and soft as it incorporates a truly ‘W’holistic approach,” says Prameet Kotak, Holistic Wellness Expert.

“I started off with nutrition, but soon realised that at some point of time a larger audience may require catering to. Holistic means being emotionally connected to your body and being balanced to progress further. I am working towards improving people’s health span, wherein they can live a healthy life. So, I want to focus more on integrated nutrition,” says Luke Coutinho, Holistic Nutritionist and Physiologist, on why he chose holistic nutrition over other health-related opportunities in India.

As we are moving at a fast pace, it becomes almost impossible to reserve some time for ourselves. Holistic approaches to wellness, nutrition, fitness etc is paving a way for consumers to connect with themselves in a better way for easier and faster healing. Our mind, body and soul deserve the care that we are not able to give it because of our stressful lives but through holistic wellness centres, one can balance their life and move ahead with a positive mindset.

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