How Teachers Belief Strengthen Students

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Aug 24 2021 - 4 min read
How Teachers Belief Strengthen Students
Every class have one or two students sitting in the corners or backbench looking to the window instead of the blackboard; teachers should try to understand focus on them equally

Were you a good student in your school days? If yes how was your teacher’s behaviour? A survey done on 1200 students proved teachers behaviour affects student’s ability to understand. Students who are familiar with teachers score above in comparison to normal introvert minds. This does not mean being an introvert makes students obtuse. At some places, it is the teacher’s responsibility to adapt student’s minds and give them proper mentorship. Every class have one or two students sitting in the corners or backbench looking to the window instead of the blackboard. Teachers often make a mistake by not interacting with them properly. They think these students cannot be taught either be educated.

As per a recent World Bank survey done on 16,000 teachers from low and middle-income Latin American, African, and Asian countries, only 48 per cent of them believed that students can do great in studies regardless of their family background. 52 per cent of teachers still deny focusing on them. This survey result makes us understand how important a teacher’s behaviour toward a student is.

The Problem

The teacher normally knows students by their name and very brief observation. They observe the student and get into some perception like ‘XYZ are a good student and ABC are bad’. Their interest then automatically shifts to good students; a bad student then lacks proper attention. Those ‘Dumb’ students get marginalized and separated from other students. It often occurs due to less confidence and contrasting interests. Backbenchers are considered as the blunt knife that can’t go through situations easily thought both back and frontbenchers are a piece of the same cloth.

The inhuman ambition of ruling the world make nations fight each other, which forces people to migrate leaving their property and motherland behind. War migrant do not get proper care by the host country and their children’s future get ruined. An annual data of uneducated war migrant include millions of life in it. Uneducated populations not only slow down the economy of the host country but increase the crime rate as well. Welcoming war migrant is a generous action needed by every country. They should also provide them education without any discrimination. 

The Solution

Human psychology made us understand the key points that act majorly in changing human behaviour. Health and pharmacy sector trusted and gained a lot from research in human psychology. We need to do some research by keeping the education sector in mind. It is a lot better to understand the problem first and then jump into solving it. Below are some main steps that should be taken to solve this problem.

Try Making a Culture of Balanced Expectation

Students see teachers as in a unique way. It gets impossible for a teacher to establish and maintain a direct relationship with them. Teachers should use other students for this thing. Almost every school have a system of school leader or class monitor. This system helps students and teachers to connect with the help of school leaders. Schools should pick leaders and made them understand their role so that they can link fellow students to teachers. This thing works like charm in almost every case. Leader system help teacher in following balanced expectation. They subconsciously expect similar things from every student and focus equally.  

Explicitly Discuss the Power Of Teacher Expectations

Training future and existing teachers can adequately solve the problem. Unlike current training modules, which include teaching practices only schools should add some extra activities to address the importance of expectation. The situation will start getting worst if low expectation kept in practice and high expectation from the weak student is not practised. The teacher should be taught how they can make a change.

Improving Practices Can Shift Believes

Trust makes changes and is hard to build, but when teacher trust their student it changes everything. The teacher should understand the responsibility and act as per the same. They should ensure all the students are getting proper attention. The student should be addressed with their name and all activity mocking them should be stooped. Additionally, teachers should empathize with them indirectly by keeping their family and social chaos in mind. These practices will help improving academics and abilities as well.

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